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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tenants, Landlords, and Drama... Oh My!!!

So we have come to another Friday... TGIF and all that other good crap... well... not really. I'll be working another fun filled weekend. First Saturday will be my annual trip to the Stadium for a double header with that group of guys from Boston. Oh... you mean they're a team??? Rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt. Whateva. Doubleheader+Boston=fights which if your not a mathematical genius means I may actually have to work. Then Sunday I get to stand in Central Park while a benefit show plays in honor of the whole UN Week thing. Yeah... TGIF my ass.

So have you seen my tenant Cail Marlo at all yet? Obviously not. Show the man some pity... he's stuck getting up at 8:00am to learn French, the "language of love". I never could understand that thought... the women don't shave their armpits much less their moustaches... I couldn't find love there because while love may be blind well I'm not yet. Go see Cail Marlo and show him what some real, red-hot blooded, full blown American women are like. After you see him then you can also see me only landlord this week... RevRee. I'm there for the next few days chilling under the gaze of the lone green eye.


So the drama drought pretty much continues. The biggest news is that The Nick came back from her journey to Canada. She had a good time. A good time of course includes a trip to a strip club where she was able to sample cock flavored champagne. Yeah... well this was Canada and apparently they don't have to wear the socks up there. Of course the boardwalk guy did get kicked to the curb as I had thought... but now she was on a few dates with some other guy. I'll give him to the end of the month.

The Pudding decided to bombshell me with the fact she now has a job this morning. She is now apparently working at a local 7/11. This really isn't something I'm thrilled over even though I should be so that maybe she won't be asking me for extra money. I don't know why... it just bothers me when she works. It bothered me in PA when she did it. It bothers me now that she's at 7/11. At least get a cool job... like in a candy store or something... but no... she's working in 7/11. Maybe I'll get a Slurpee discount.

I haven't spoken to The Steff since Saturday. I know... I suck as a friend. She's busy with school, work, and of course The Donkey. I'm busy with work... and work... and work. This is the usual circle of things... and of course the fact I'm not really a phone person... but her birthday is coming up. So yeah... there'll be the obligatory Vermont Teddy Bear... and the cascade of flowers. She's pulling a me when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday... so I'll need to think of something else to get her. Not quite sure what though... any suggestions?

I guess that's about it. Maybe I'll be around this weekend... maybe I won't. One way or the other have a good one.
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