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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ooogle Monday... The Malaysian Edition

So today is once again Ooogle Monday. Over the past week the United Nations had their General Assembly in New York. Between the Save Darfur Rally, doing the medical for the President of Venezuela ( who btw arrived on the Bolivian national jet... I guess Venezuela can't afford a plane... which may be the real reason for him calling George Bush "The Devil"... he's jealous of Airforce 1... but anyway... I am digressing), and of course the wonderful diplomatic drivers for whom my road rage went almost unchecked... I have become very culturally aware. To show my awareness... I present to you Ooogle Monday, The Malaysian Edition.

This past Saturday we went out for The Steff's birthday. We went to Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. As an appetizer I had the Maryland Crabcakes. They cost $15.00.

For my main course I had the Filet Mignion, cooked medium well. It was very tender to the touch. It cost $45.00. I did not partake in any of the side dishes that were served family style.

For dessert I had a cup of coffee. Dinner started at 7:00pm. I left at 9:30pm because I had to work at the Roseland that evening from 10:00pm until 3:00am, but I was told the dinner went to 11:00pm. It was a very pleasant evening.

This concludes the Malaysian Edition of Ooogle Monday. I would like to note that I would have taken pictures of my actual plates... in fact pictures were taken for this very post... but not by me. The Steff has the picture of my filet, and another friend has the picture of my crabcakes. Unfortunately my digital camera battery is depleted... and I cannot find the charger. So I had to order a new one that has not yet arrived. So for that... I apologize for not truly representing the food placed in front of me... but these pictures look ALOT like them... including that green thing sticking out of the top.

So all in all, here's the break down:
Coors Light beer because they had no Bass or Guiness- $8.00
Maryland Crabcakes (2)- $15.00
Filet Mignion- $45.00
Cup of coffee from Juan Valdez- $6.00
Total bill for dinner for 11 people- $905.07
The Steff having a Happy Birthday- Priceless
The comments I anticipate from this post- Still to be determined
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