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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Doo Wah Diddy

Is it Thursday yet? No? Damn. Have you all gone to see The Chad yet? No? Well what the hell are you all waiting for? A goddamn invitation...

So I was driving to work today doing what I normally do (smoking, radio blasting, head nodding) when I got cut off by a little Acura who then stopped short at the end of the Interborough. Now understand, I drive a Ford Explorer Sport. Now I may not be the biggest truck out there, but I can still squash an Acura. So I had to stop short. Maybe I tapped him. Maybe I didn't. I tend to think had I tapped him he would have crumpled up.

Here's my point. If you're going to cut me off... and then get out of your little compact car waving hands because in your mind I tapped you... you better be playing some real fucking music you can get your ass beat to. While I am a big proponent of first amendement rights... that still doesn't mean that you can justify having a 2 Live Crew tape in your car.

Oh also, on another note, if you get out of your car that means you want me to get out of my truck. This also means you either want to verbally or physically confront me. So when I do get out of my truck, do not run away from the intersection (abandoning your car in the process) and into the Dunkin' Donuts (which I refuse to go to because they can't make my shit straight). I will throw everything I can find in your car into the street. I will take your keys and throw them into the park/cemetary. I will take your 2 Live Crew tape. I will place it in my tapedeck and I will play it to prove a point.


So Newsbitch brought up the fact that National Novel Writing Month is coming up over at the forums (tired of that plug yet? Shuddap. It's the last one k?). I've been thinking about doing it for awhile now. I had thought about doing it last year and ran into the wall.

One of the things that makes me edgy about it is the possibility of it showing up on the Internet and then getting thieved. I tend to think this is one of the reasons why I have trouble developing my writing... I tend not to share it out of the fear it will be stolen. I know... who the hell would want to steal my stuff right? Still... you never know.

So I think that at the very least I'm going to attempt NaNoWriMo if for nothing else, than an exercise in time management. If my writing doesn't improve... maybe I can at least improve the amount of time I put towards it.


I generally don't wear my seatbelt. I know... I should. I've heard the lectures. I've seen first hand what happens when you don't wear it. I also smoke, and I've seen first hand what happens there too. So I watched this video of a car that is obviously rolling and would be considered an entrapment...

... and I decided I'm going to quit smoking.


On a final note by the way, when your dialing 9-1-1 in Dunkin' Donuts and telling the operator about how you are being "carjacked", you are forgetting one small thing. I am 9-1-1. Stoonad.
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