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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Smorgashboard Edition 6

Another new week is upon us as the sun rises upon this day, known as Sunday to the world, and the Smorgashboard to us here at the APODB. So these are the specials from this past week in my blogosphere...
  • The most anticipated blog of 2006 finally launched... yes Mr. CFP is now online with his Stupid Human Tricks. Some people may not know his true origins... but she knows all too well.
  • Good news for the Bear Drive that Rachael has been doing... she's reached 201 bears. A bit short of the 10,000 I wanted to see... only because I always wanted to see a house stuffed with bears the way popcorn filled Professor Jerry Hathaway's (William Atherton) house in Real Genius. That would have been hot.
  • Greg is also doing good this season... and E-Bay turned out to be his savior in the quest for a Superman doll. So now where does this Jesus dude fit in again?
  • Have no fear! Big D found the perfect way to explain how Jesus fit into everything with the holiest of holy tomes... the Lego Bible. Maybe if that had been around when I was in elementary school I wouldn't have failed religion in 5th grade.
  • 'Tis also the season of lovey doveyness, and Miss Misery has a very nice little gushy post that made me vomit my lunch, breakfast, last night's dinner, and the snack I had yesterday afternoon. I think I may now be a diabetic after all that sweetness.
  • Dawn has been kind enough to point out the many reasons why giving Glade Scented Oil is a bad idea for the holidays.
  • While many of the upper class give gift certificates for physical augmentation appointments to their trophy wives to keep them shiny and new, Denise has found a new trend that is... well... rather disturbing. I wonder of the person who thought of this was Michael Jackson's surgeon?
  • Virginia reported from the front lines on this year's War on Christmas. She hits the nail right on the head... in regards to all the holiday hoopla.
  • But of course we can't forget that Friday was in fact the first night of Hanukkah... so Happy Hanukkah to Robin, CP, and any and all Jewish Brethern. Only 6 more crazy nights to go... shalom.
Pretty exciting week huh? I know... I thrill you.


So I wrote this add on post to go here... and decided it was way too long to go here. It's pretty huge in fact. So I decided I'm going to break it up over the next few days so that it is in a consumable size. So while I'll be doing the regularly scheduled early morning/nightly posts... there'll be some afternoon ones too.

In preparation for this extra onslaught, start asking the question I will be asking and attempting to answer... "When is a personal blog too business oriented?"


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