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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tagged By Misery With A Smile

So it turns out that Miss Misery tagged me with this meme thing. She tagged me because she doesn't think I'll kill her for tagging me. I don't mind getting tagged... but I won't tag. If you feel the need to do it and want to say you stole it from me feel free... or don't mention me at all... just send me nudes as payment for my silence regarding the theft.

So anyway... here are 7 Things That Annoy Me.

1) Ordering one thing and getting another. For example, when I order my coffee it is a "large French Vanilla ice coffee, light with cream, and four (4) Splendas". Simple right? I guess not since it always comes back all fucked up. But you all knew that already, right?

2) Instant Messages and IM addicts. I used to be on AIM all the time, 'til it screwed up my 'puter. Now I don't even have it installed anymore. So apparently some people thought that was a way for me to ignore them, or cut ties with them, or wtfeva. Newsflash... I need this computer to do more than talk to you about baseball (which I have zero interest in until after the All-Star break), about your boyfriend (who I have zero interest in until he does something I can break his legs for), or about what I'm writing that I'm not letting you read (there must be a reason for that... and trust me it isn't because its about you). IMing annoys me... and IM addicts annoy me more.

3) My ex-wife. 'Nuff said.

4) Lovey dovey stuff. Newsflash... I'm single. I have no one to be lovey dovey with... and if I did... I doubt my idea of being lovey dovey is the same as yours. Therefore when you go all gushy and warm and shit when talking to me, and I vomit, don't be getting all self-righteous. Oh, and Valentine's Day... don't even come near me. I'll bite your head off.

5) E-mail Managers. Yeah... those managers or bosses who have decided that e-mail is the best way to manage. Never mind the fact that to inter a sense of urgency sounds more like a threat, for which I will retaliate with a flurry of adjectives found only in the Main Street-Walkers Street Dictionary, the e-mail repsonding to the burning ambulance three hours later is just showing you do not exist on the same plane of reality as we do.

6) Labeling my stuff with your labels. Someone sent me an e-mail telling me my Sunday Smorgashboard is really a "blog carnival". Really? So I guess it makes you laugh. Am I funny to you? How am I funny? So am I a clown to you or something? Still waiting for a response fucknuts. I'll call it what I want. If I want to post nookid pictures of myself and call it "Bare Bones Tuesday" instead of HNT, I will you dumb clucker. I'm not you, your not me, so stop labelling me with your labels.

7) The way BattleStar Galactica does seasons. Last night was BG's season 3.0 finale. On January 21 they start season 3.5. This is annoying and ranks right up there with the way The Sopranos do their seasons as well. The fact Heroes seems to be following their lead is annoying as all hell too. It all reminds me of the reasons I stopped watching TV altogether.
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