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Monday, December 11, 2006

Ooogle Monday... The SupaStah Edition

So here is your Ooogle for Monday you bunch of perverts...

Yes ladies... the GREATEST JEDI MASTER OF ALL TIME... Ewan McGregor! So who's gonna bash Star Wars now, huh? Huh? Yeah... welcome to the hot side bitches.
Of course to round out the "SupaStah" Edition... the hottest princess this side of the galaxy... Natalie Portman. *SIGH*. The new fantasy of preference btw is Carrie Fisher in the Slave Girl Bikini and Natalie in that little black number from Clones... together. Since getting it on with Twi'leks is okay... then what's a little mother-daughter incestuous fantasizing amongst geeks, huh?


Here is a video pulled from SNL regarding the "SupaStah" known as Britney Spears...

I agree... keep up the good work!

And that kids... is just one of the things you watch repeatedly when you are bored as shit.

I really need to take up crocheting for nights like this.

Have a good week.
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