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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Smorgashboard Edition 4

Seeing as that today is Sunday, it is time to highlight the past week in my blogosphere. I just want to point out a relatively minor but perhaps not so obvious fact. Generally per event listed below there are two links, the blogger's name and a few other words. The few other words is a link to the post I am actually talking about while the blogger's name is just a link to their blog. Sometimes I may link to two bloggers in one entry, or two posts in one entry, but that's the basic way that I do it. So since that is clarified, hopefully KG won't feel so overwhelmed, and we can go on with this week's highlights...
  • The one and only Mr. Fabulous posted an instructional video. The topic was how to eat a bananna in front of a homophobe. Go become edumicated.
  • Have you ever broken your cellphone and wanted to swap it for a new one without paying? If so, Robin has a great example of how to do it... along with what kind of snafu to watch out for.
  • The ever vigilant Soda has exposed a celebrity's family member as a complete asshat. I know you may be thinking, "Well aren't they all?" True, but this one deserves the left hook more than most.
  • In between saving the Internet and playing with his cockenballs, Joefish has also been keeping tabs on the entertainment industry. His news is on a more positive note, but provides further evidence Hollywood hates Kevin Smith who had optioned the story for a full length feature film.
  • The gorgeous and loving Miss Ann Thrope took a page from Robin's blog and has been highlighting her favorite bloggers. This week's mention brought a tear to my eye... no joke.
  • K has announced some new additions to the family. These types of posts always make me smile.
  • So Dave Simmer II (commonly referred to as Dave2) is going to write a book. I highly anticipate this volume to be released so I can share it with every single person from the old apartment building I lived in, and I will keep stock for any neighbors I may meet in the future.
  • Gary was kind enough to leak the 2008 Republican National Convention Schedule. Free lotion and tissues at 9:45pm. I am so there.
  • Bug has asked the second most popular question about Santa Claus. I have the answer... but I'm not sharing until December 6. Be here to find out.
  • Dawn has finally released video of her and Jason's appearance on the Newlywed/Not So Newlywed Game aboard the cruise ship they were on. If you ever go on Celebrity's Cruise Ship Century, just avoid aisle 3 if you go to the theater. Then again... if your single... it may be the place to be.
And those have been some of the highlights of this past week in my own little blogosphere.


As I previously mentioned, I finished up all my holiday cards the other night. I happen to have 10 or so "Blogging Buddy" cards left over. So... if by chance you want one... just send me an e-mail with your name and address to nycwatchdog(at)apileofdogbones.com. If you happen to already be on my list... well then your just plain lucky 'cause your getting one no matter what.


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