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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When Do You Let Them Go?

So the other night as I went through the blogrolly thingy, some feeds, and a whole shitload of bookmarks I found quite a few defunct blogs. I was a bit torn on whether or not I should delete them or leave them in case they decide to come back and post the true meaning of life or a kick ass chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Now I read a variety of different blogs whose bloggers post at a variety of different times and different content. Everything from those who post once a month to those who post once a day, and from current news to things that happened to them 10 years ago. I even read blogs that I've been known to disagree with, because even though I may disagree with them on one point it doesn't mean I'll disagree with them on ALL aspects of things.

I have no issue with those who take "blogging breaks" because of things beyond their control. Life happens and they may no longer find the time they once had. Yes... maintaining a blog does take time. This was a concept I heard for awhile but failed to comprehend it until a month ago.

There are those who claim to have a sudden onset of "Blogger Block"... where they feel they suck and are boring and have nothing to blog about. The easiest way to break their self-perceived inability is to actually do it. Of course, that really only works on personal blogs, because if you're blogging for a corporation then you want to have a nicely polished piece for posting and the polishing may turn from a polish to a trash by the fourth sentence. I think personal bloggers, on whatever frequency they blog, should be like Nike and just do it. You'll feel better in the end. Really.

However, I get annoyed as fuck by bloggers who drop off the face of the Internet, then come back and are all like "I'm back! Look at me!" for three posts, and then disappear again with no hint of what happened or when they plan on returning. In fact I find that so bitterly annoying I do delete them, and if they discover the true meaning of life or find a great chocolate chip cookie recipe well then I'm sure someone else will profess the true meaning and my chocolate chip cookies will still kick their chocolate chip cookies ass. If you're going to say your back, then be back. Otherwise your just a tease... and I fucking hate that.

For the non-teases, at what point do you let them go? A month? Two months? A year? At what point do you give up on your reads because you feel that they have given up on you?

So besides the fact I really had nothing else to blog about today... the fact is that you probably won't hear from me until December. See that little bar on the side? Yeah... I have some serious catching up to do in the next 36 hours as far as my NaNoWriMo goes. What's 12,000 some odd words in a little less than 36 hours??? It's a piece of mofo chocolate cake... granted this is quite possible even worse than the novel I wrote in college... I still feel the need to finish it. But I assure you, I will be back!!!
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