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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well it looks like some people were paying attention to blogs as opposed to the sales circulars. I have to admit I was impressed with the tact of the comments... but of course leave it to my beloved Denise to come out and ask, "Did you get her pregnant???" Well... let me explain.

So on my last post I told you I had a picture I was going to upload but since I wasn't home I couldn't. Well here is that picture...

Yep, I got my Thanksgiving cherry pie from The Steff. I get cherry pie from her twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cherry pie is my favorite, and she is the only person who has ever trekked the 9 miles to my favorite bakery for a cherry pie just for me. That, to me, is true love.

In return of course, and I guess this is the price I have to pay for pie, she needs to go shopping for a baby shower that she has to go to on Sunday. No, it isn't her own. It's actually for a girl who I trained something like 11 years ago and who I happen to know. The girl is also best friends with The Donkey's sister, and since she is the one throwing the shower well now The Steff has to go. So tomorrow, when I should be at Borders revitalizing my life as a journalist, I'll be in Babies R Us looking at bottles and diapers.

So ultimately the answer is no, I did not get The Steff pregnant. It's kinda hard to do that for me anyway. The fact that she has a boyfriend and I look at her more like a sister aside, because that would require a trip to the bank and a turkey baster.

I bet you thought those things only got used on Thanksgiving didn't you... heh.
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