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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ba WTFeva

So for some reason everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit all of a sudden. It isn't just relegated to KG or T anymore... but it seems everywhere I turn there is talk of Christmas, holiday lights are up, Menorahs are being erected, and all the drugstores have the "Seasonal" aisle filled with red, green, and blue. It's like a disease.

This has therefore given me a little bit of a complex... so tonight after working the show at Irving Plaza I decided to go to these all night little conveniences and find me a Santa hat for this year. Now I am dually motivated because I still need to do my Christmas cards and I'll need the hat for that. Now these stores are all up on the holiday since November 1, so I figured no problem right?

Well the first one I went to, a Walgreens on Queens Boulevard and Yellowstone Boulevard, where there were tree skirts, balls, candles, candy canes, jiggling laughing snowmen, fake snow, lights, garland, tinsel, gingerbread house kits, and everything else you can think of having to do with Christmas. It was a fucking Christmas Wonderland up in there. I couldn't however find a hat. So I figured I'd ask for help seeing as how much shit they had out, maybe I was in the wrong aisle. The clerk told me they had sold out of the Santa hats. Right. That's what I said. They SOLD OUT. Next was the Duane Reade on Continental Avenue... guess what? Yep, stockings galore but no hats. Finally, I went to the CVS on Woodhaven and found a hat.

Now understand this... I hate the hat. It's shitty and says "Christmas in New York" with a baseball cap back for fatheads. I know where I fucking live and I don't need to be reminded it is Christmas because you idiots are already shoving it down my throat. I bought it anyway out of spite. I probably won't use it in the card, but I was so pissed over the whole thing... well I got it anyway. It made me mad and just furthers the proof that this holiday totally sucks.

The fact the invites to the Holiday Party went out today... and I once again have no one to go with, because I don't dare count on the girl who flaked on me for the 35th Hills dinner, really has nothing to do with it. Oh and if I see one more post with the "Only 40 Days To Christmas" header I am so FOADing you this week. Wait till next Friday before you all start your merry shit.

To hell with it. I'm trolling GothMatch.com for a date. When I find someone with multi-colored dreads and a bull ring I'm gonna pay that bitch to come. That'll turn a few fucking heads.
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