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Monday, November 06, 2006

It's The Suck

Okay... so I've started my NaNoWriMo project. The thing is... whereas I have the general idea of where its going... is it interesting? I find it interesting... but at the same time I know where it's going and how it's going to end. Granted, there are a lot of details that are blank for me that need to be filled in... but I still have the idea there.

So even though I generally hate putting this stuff out there... here's a few paragraphs of it...

“From here it really doesn’t look so bad,” said the gruff voice of the overweight police detective sitting behind Morgan. She did not turn to acknowledge him and instead continued staring out the 5th floor window, past the bars at the red strobes that were beacons in the darkness at the end of the black canyon of buildings. “I’m sure though that if I was one of the dead bodies lying out there I’d have a different view of it,” he engaged her with again.

She shifted her weight from one knee-high leather boot to the other. Both of them were encasing swelling feet that ached to be freed. Yet she refused to sit and give him any sort of satisfaction that he was getting anywhere with her. A few strands of her burgundy stripe fell over her right eye and as she brushed it back into her raven shoulder length hair there was the chirp of a radio.

The voices that came from the box sounded frantic and confused. There was no doubt in her mind that they were the voices down at the warehouse where the red lights continued to flash away. One of them sounded familiar. Perhaps Paul? , she thought silently, knowing deep down there was no way to know for sure. It was an interesting tactic, but only one that might work with another cop.

“You know there are a lot of questions that are going to be asked of you,” said the detective again, “Quite a few of them are going to leave you pretty uncomfortable. You might want to get physically comfortable. Have a seat. Have some water or coffee. Maybe I can arrange for a change of clothes for you… not that I’m complaining about your current attire.”

Her cheeks became flushed. She thought about how she must have looked in her leather mini-skirt and white silk blouse. It was a distraction to anyone who would enjoy the company of any female which was exactly why she had chosen the outfit. A distraction to those who would be around her from what she really was. The blouse was now stained black and her meticulously applied make-up had been all but washed away into a sink but she realized that didn’t matter because he was getting satisfaction by staring at her ass from his seat.

Any good? Is it interesting? I always hate this part of writing. To me it's the suck. Either you get sucked in or it just plain old sucks.

One thing which I must have while I write is music. Some people may be wondering what type of music I would be listening to while writing this... so here's my current NaNoWriMo playlist. Songs will eventually be added and deleted at some point as the story progresses.
  • Real American- Hulk Hogan's Theme Song
  • The Look- Roxette
  • Listen To Your Heart- Roxette
  • Holding Out For A Hero- Frou Frou (Shrek 2 Soundtrack)
  • Straight Outta Compton- N.W.A.
  • 45- Shinedown
  • Hot Ride (The Passenger Mix)- The Prodigy
  • Their Law (Live)- The Prodigy
  • Serial Thrilla (Live)- The Prodigy
  • So Far Away- Staind
  • Knives- Therapy?
  • Screamager- Therapy?
  • Posse on Broadway- Sir-Mix-A-Lot
  • Black- Pearl Jam
  • Blur The Technicolor/Poker From Stud To Strip Mix- White Zombie
  • Santorini- Yanni
  • Imperial March- John Williams
Pretty diverse isn't it? Now if only writing the story was as easy as writing this post... I'd be done in no time.
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