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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cotton Mouth Sunday

Yeah. So the clocks fell "back" last night over here on the east coast. The only benefit to it really is that for one night out of the year the bars stay open an hour later. Luckily last night was The Hills 35th Dinner... so the bar actually didn't close at all.

Needless to say I got home at 7 this morning... which was really 6. I have since woken up with an incredible hangover and very little recollection of the events of last night. I know the last few weeks there has been some discussion as to what The Steff would be wearing to the gala event. So here is a picture that I don't remember taking but was in my camera this morning. Yeah... she was gorgeous as always. I do remember that.

The Steff

It has also been reported via third party that they actually served dinner there. Well, I missed that. I might have been unconscious somewhere. I don't even really know. In fact I ate nothing which undoubtedly has caused me to be in the condition I am in. I've also heard that at some point I was given an award for some crap about service and dedication. I don't remember that... and I haven't found anything with my name on it that resembles an award.

Here's what I DO know. I know the bartender's name was Maria. I know she had no Jack Daniels (which is actually a good thing since JD makes me violent) so I had Dewars and Coke. I know I gave her a $50 tip. I know she did her job. How do I remember that? I don't need to. This horrendous cottonmouth I have tells me that. The photographic evidence in this picture backs that up. Notice the straw coming out of the glass in my hand. I don't remember using it. See the smile on my face? Well I never smile so I must have had a good time.

Steff and Dog

So I need to shower, re-hydrate myself, get dressed, return the tux, and at some point I need to try and explain what tantric sex is before I go to work the overnight tonight. All this plus my vacation time next week apparently wasn't approved. Yeah. I'm in a righteous mood today.
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