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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another Lazy Sunday...

So yesterday I had to attend the oldest of the Wolves ( wolves=step kids... for Miss Britt and Dawn) confirmation ceremony inducting him as an adult into the Roman Catholic Church. Allow me to say this... I am SO glad I no longer regularly attend services because of the blatant hypocrism of the attendees who profess to be believers in the faith, Pudding excluded even though hers is "loud and proud". However I do believe Church ceremonies may be in my future... because there were so many sluts walking around I had to keep checking my wallet to make sure I wasn't paying for their services. I can't figure out why priests like little boys when they could easily pluck one of these slutty sheep from the congregation to do the Lord's work for them. So today is going to be a lazy day for me. I may troll some of the baptisms and masses going on looking for a date for the Hills Dinner next weekend.

In the meantime I want to share with you one of the coolest things I honestly can't wait for. Even though Halloween hasn't arrived yet, there is talk in the city of Thanksgiving. Some people may find this a little bit odd... but here in New York City our holidays are synonymous with one commercial name. Macy's.

While the Fourth of July fireworks are always nice, and seeing Santa on 34th Street is too... well nothing compares to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I have a long history with this parade. My father would have you believe the first time I saw the parade live I was 6. In reality all I saw was the ass of some woman who thought it was her god given right to wear spandex in front of me because he refused to lift "the fat one" onto his shoulders. I actually marched in it back in I think 1986 or 1987? The one with Ben Vereen in it singing that song that came out on the BSA Album "Give A Little Love". I actually have that album on vinyl somewhere... only because I was actually on the back cover... but I am severely digressing. I've seen it a few times as an adult and sometimes it was fun... but mostly being in those thongs of people in the cold when I could be home eating a chocolate turkey and see it ALL... well I'm more likely to stay home.

So every year for the past decade or so I've made it a point to go see the Balloons as they get blown up. It had been a friends affair that morphed into a family affair that changed into a me, myself, and whatever other idiot was in the ambulance at the moment affair. I always ignored the floats and went straight to the balloons. This year that changes.

One of my favorite channels to watch is The History Channel. They will not have a balloon this year that will need to follow the new balloon safety protocol, since last year's parade and the 1997 parade were marred with the scandal of balloons crashing into lightpoles and hurting parade observers. So here is what they are doing...

Tell me that doesn't look cool! It's a big toy!!! I can't wait!!! This may ACTUALLY force me to be there live to see it this year. Chocolate turkey's are portable don't ya know.
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