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Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Whooped... So Beat Me K?

So my 22 hour marathon is over and done with. I have come to the awful conclusion that working 22 hours behind a desk is harder than 22 hours on a truck. Really, it is. At least on the truck the scenery changes, you can close your eyes while your partner drives, and you have a variety of stuff to keep you interested. Sitting behind a desk you... well... sit behind a desk. It is b-o-r-i-n-g.

So when I got home tonight I found this pair of red stilleto heels in the bathroom. Guess what? I got a new roomie! None other than THE Delilah from Volatile Lunacy. What? Never heard of her? Well you need to go see her now! She's one of those people who I lurk around. She's had a rough few days and needs to let the tootsies run free so she's doing it around here all week long. Know what the best part is? She makes the blog smell good too! Go see her and show some love would ya?


So because I am extremely tired I really have nothing else to say. However, in my last post I made mention that I suffer from extreme shyness. Jane of course thinks I should write a post and receive advice from everyone out there about it. Really it isn't that hard... I'm just an anti-social shy person in social settings. Part of it I think has to do with the fact that I stutter... which while I had many years of speech therapy... and still do on occasion today. I really don't do phones well either. I usually sit there and grunt while listening to people go on about stuff. Of course... I have also been told that once I get to know you... there are times I just don't shut up. Go figure.

So yeah... I'm shy which is why I suck at meeting people, why Journalism was a minor for me instead of a major, and I suck at talking until I really get to know you. Oh but at work, zero issues... but then again as someone once told me when I'm at work I bark so that really doesn't count. So any suggestions?

While your thinking of what it is that you can say to alter my life for the better... go here and vote for me as Porn King '06. Come on... I gave you guys Patrick Dempsey for pete's sake!!!
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