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Monday, October 09, 2006

Tired... And At Peace

I am shot to shit. After working 27+ hours you can stick a fork in me. However... I am at peace. Why you ask? Because tonight I got to see Evanescence at The Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center. While Babs The Diva Bitch From Hell was at the Garden, I was down the block reveling in the prescence that is Amy Lee.

Ever since their first album came out, and I saw them live at Roseland, they are by far one of my favorite bands. So yeah, the bass player quit. I guess he couldn't live in the shadow of a 5 foot tall brunette with the absolutely most PIERCING eyes. On her way downstairs to catering she looked right at me, and yes she sent chills down my spine that is still tingling... amongst other things.

The show was phenomenal. Their sound was tighter than hell on every song with the one exception being, of all songs, Bring Me To Life which was their breakout song from the Daredevil Soundtrack. For some reason the male vocals weren't all there and the song definately lacked its punch. The new songs Sweet Sacrifice and Call Me When Your Sober had an album quality. Of course Going Under and My Immortal sounded equally solid. The song for me that drove it home as one of the 5 best live performances I have ever seen was Whisper... they rocked it out and the entire place was alive. The energy was incredible... and although I'm tired as all hell... well I'm at peace. If they had only played Tourniquet, I'd be in orgasmic ecstasy.

Amy was wearing a black bodysuit with this hot pink hoop skirt, which by the way received a standing ovation when she asked the crowd if they liked it. She could wear a hefty garbage bag colored plaid and I would applaud. The guys dressed in black... oh so fashionable... but the stand out performance from them was definately drummer Rocky Gray. Lars Ulrich ain't got nothing on him. What TRULY made me smirk with satisfaction were the lights. There were two rows of rotating color spotlights scattered on the stage. The bottom ones would illuminate hot pink... and the top a fluorescent orange. Yes people... I keep telling you but no one listens... orange is the new pink.

I know I haven't done a proper intro yet... but go see RockJay who is back from convalescing from the horrible colonoscopy incident. Tomorrow I'll properly introduce everyone... but right now I need to rub one out while the image of Amy lingers.
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