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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good Intentions...

So I came home tonight with the intentions of accomplishing the following:
  • Watch Heroes
  • Watch Studio 60
  • Straighten up my current living area
  • Work on my Evil Empire Profile
  • Read some blogs
  • Write for an hour
  • Maybe blog... maybe not
I made it to watching Studio 60. While doing so I received an e-mail from a friend of mine out in California. I shouldn't say that just I received the e-mail... there were seven of us. The e-mail contained four words. "I got a deal."


Now this is really very good news... and he is my friend so I should be happy for him. But I'm not. The deal he is referring to is undoubtedly a book deal. Yeah... for lack of a better term, he's part of my "writing" group. Now you have to understand that one of them came in a published author, so that left six of us to be published. Now with my friend's inclusion, that now brings the number of us with deals to four and the number without to two. Yes. I am one of the two.

Now don't go thinking like I run around with a bunch of literary masterminds. Two of them are sourcebook writers for gaming companies and one of them writes for a fantasy line created by someone else. The one who was already published is a jack of all-trades having done sourcebook material, written in sci-fi universes created by someone else, and having also published books within his own fantasy world. If the book about to be published by my friend is the one I am thinking of... well let's just say it will only be found in college bookstores and in the library of attempted Black Jack card counters. Still... it is a deal.

Now I know deals do not necessarily mean a huge change in lifestyle. They all still work their day jobs, only perhaps a little more comfortably and with greater self satisfaction. Work has been eh. My life in general has been eh. I feel so damn stuck in a rut. Sleep. Work. Blog. Sleep. Throw in a meal or two (okay... somedays three or four) and every day is the same with an occasional movie or television show to divert my attention for a few hours.

So while wallowing in my self-pity would probably be prudent at this point... what this has also done was push me to positively confirm that I will indeed participate in NaNoWriMo. I will not just "do it for myself" as I had originally been contemplating... but I will indeed do it. I will be the Nikesque poster child... Just Do It. I will eat, drink, sleep, and breathe writing during the month of November. I already registered and everything. I am now an official participant ready for the grueling marathon challenge of starting from scratch and seeing myself 50,000 words later in 30 days. Just do it.

Now if only there was something similar to juice me up about dusting... then I'd be set.

Go see Dawn... she knows how to clean a house... or at least knows people who'll do it for her. Lucky.
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