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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday Madness

Here are a few things I felt like spewing on such a lovely Sunday day...

The nail in the coffin has apparently finally been driven in for CBGB's at 315 Bowery. Their last show is scheduled for next weekend with an official close date set for October 31. At the heart of this is a dispute with the landlord, the not-for-profit Bowery Residents Committee, over a rent hike no one told the owner about. There are plans for a possible re-opening in Las Vegas. I wonder how Joey Ramone would feel with the knowledge that CBGB's has sold out to corporate mongers after being driven out by a so called charity for the homeless. Charity. My ass. The whole story wreaks to me of inpropriety on both sides.

Starting on Thursday of this week the Digital Life Expo will be at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Right now it looks like I'll be there on Saturday and possibly Sunday depending on my brother, who is playing in the Quake 4 division of the Pro-Am Video Game Tournament. Just for the record, I pwned him in Super Mario Kart for years, so I don't want to hear jack about him whacking me in every game or game system developed from 1998 until now. So while he's handing an ass whoopin to the AMs and getting whooped by the real money making PROs *COUGH*Fatal1ty*COUGH* I'll be checking out all the cool neat stuff, including Final Fantasy XII. Yeah I know... I lead a rough life.

eXlink is trying hard to make a splash. One has to wonder if it will seriously be worth the hype considering BlogMad is still considered in Beta. BlogExplosion has made some server side improvements and does seem to be running a bit better. BlogAdvance continues to apparently struggle with getting active members and BlogClicker has dropped off the face of the 'Net. I often wonder if these traffic sites are truly worth it. How much traffic do you actually get when using them as compared to not using them? Something to think about as eXlinks once again promises us traffic and links unparallel to its predecessors. I have an idea of what they may be going towards... which is basically an Evil Empire style setting for bloggers... but it will be interesting to see how it turns out either way. Of course I registered... every since my dad passed up the opportunity of buying Microsoft stock back in the 80's, it's been drilled into us to get into things on the ground level because indeed... you never do know.

Finally I have to say that I am very disappointed in what seems to have occurred over at WizKids Games. The newest MW set, Wolf Strike, STILL has not made it to my store. I don't know if the store is lying or if WK is. My money right now is on WK. For pete's sake... I've waited years for Clan Wolf to come out and now they continue to make me wait? I am definately going to question my case purchasing practice from now on. I have always been an ardent supporter of all things Battletech/MechWarrior, but this recent debacle ontop of everything else that has occurred over the last 20+ years of my involvement with the game is seriously making me wonder if it will ever be resolved. Of course, I can always enjoy the fiction (heck, I still want to write it, who am I kidding) without supporting the owner of the liscense, right?
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