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Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's That Time Again!!!

Time to give out my weekly FOAD awards! We have a busy post, so let's get started.

First to the United States Congress for passing a prohibition affecting online poker... attached to all things but the Port Security Bill. What. The. Fuck. So now poker players are terrorists? You can read more about it at the Poker Players Alliance... but this has severely pissed me the fuck off. I vote. I play poker. We all know what I'd rather do... but I'll vote if I need to, and I will ONLY vote for Poker friendly candidates. FOAD Congress.

My next FOAD goes to Kodak. Yes... you fuckers who sell a camera but do not make available replacement batter chargers for the cheap ass one that comes with said camera. I have a Kodak Z730. Not the greatest, but it gets the job done. I got it specifically because it has alot of the options I like and it fits in my work vest nicely. So yeah, I broke the charger. It was cheap. So I ordered two replacements after going physically to two Best Buys and trying to find them. Kodak doesn't sell them, but CDW does. Unfortunately, Kodak never sent them to CDW so they are on backorder. They're telling me October 17. It better happen. I better see an e-mail from CDW saying those fuckers are on the way... or I will LOSE MY MIND. So in the meantime... FOAD Kodak. Take your online gallery, polish it up real pretty, turn it sideways, and stick it right up your candy ass. Only Snapfish for me from now on.

The next FOAD goes to the newest new guy at Dunkin' Donuts. You all know why. They need to start doing something to rectify this ongoing situation. I think new uniforms (at least for the short Spanish speaking brunette) are in order.The next FOAD goes to Humongous for wacking out ten of my planets in my BNT game. Also on a gaming note, FOAD to the Chinamen who are holding up my MechWarrior: Wolf Strike case. Put the chopsticks down and send me my Clan already!!! I've only waited what, 4 fucking years for them? FOAD. Have no clue what I'm talking about? That seems to be happening a lot lately. Don't worry about it then.

Finally I would like to share some Peace and Love with the one who has pissed me off this week to no end. Peace and Love to Pudding... because DJ hasn't been doing his homework and I got a call from the teacher this morning. This of course happens after I found the letter about him not being up to date on vaccinations... which you were told about in July. Now I know why you've been avoiding me this week. This shit is simple... take care of the child when he is with you and that he gets done what needs to be done. I give you what you need and then some. It's time to do the right thing... and may whatever higher being there is have mercy on your soul if you don't. He'll be a better person about it than I will. Mother is the name for God on the lips of all children... and don't ever forget that honor. Kabeesh?


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