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Saturday, October 14, 2006

What A Day

So I've had a busy day. If I blogged about all of it in this one post, then I think Blogger will surely eat it because it took two hours just to get this up. So I'll be breaking it up across a few days and a few posts.

So today I was on the Isle of Manhattan. I did two major things, I went to the Hottest Mom In America Audition and I went to the DigitalLife Expo at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. So I will now talk about the most important aspect of the day... Final Fantasy XII at DigitalLife.

I am not one of "those" people who think that FF is the end all be all of gaming. I love my HALO, my Quake 4, my Command and Conquer, my MechWarrior and now after today I have a new found love and her name is F.E.A.R. However I've been playing the Final Fantasy games since the characters looked like Link from Zelda. Oh how far we have come.

The actual booth was setup very nicely with plenty of PS2s. I literally had to wait two minutes to get some gameplay in. I played for around 30 minutes, and let me say that the play was more fluid than I thought it would be. There are still some slight pauses since the combat is still turn based, but I figure after two hours of play someone would have the sequences down for battle. What's more important is the Gambit System which will allow pre-determined actions to be set for when conditions are met. A great example is setting a Gambit that says if you are down to 1 HP then you heal. When your character, whether player or AI controlled gets to 1 HP, they are going to heal. I didn't get a lot of time to toy with it, but from what I saw it will definately make certain things easier.

The makers of FFXII, Square Enix, are incredibly intelligent. They partnered with GameStop so that you could pre-order FFXII right there from their booth. There really wasn't anyone else with that kind of foresight (third-pary vendor handling orders). Let me just also say that the stair effect billboard they had up was one of the coolest booth advertisements I think I had ever seen. You saw it as soon as you came in and it completely overshadowed Microsoft's "Are You Part of The AfterLife" ad for Windows Vista... which by the way I was not impressed with at all.
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