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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It Was Supposed To Be About The Books

I had a post planned out for tonight based on something I saw at Digital Life this past weekend. Basically it was about Blurb, which is a print on demand publishing service. Unlike IUniverse though, Blurb provides you the software to actually design your book. So tonight I was supposed to download it, play with it, and show you how cool it is supposed to be.

Instead I got a phone call from Pudding about DJ. She thinks he has the Chicken Pox and was freaking out. Why? Because her girlfriend hasn't had them. Right. So I went over and looked him over. It looks like he has hives... not pox. Of course she is still flipping out because now she doesn't know what he is allergic to. So there was a brief debate over what could cause it, what it is, and so on. Finally I had enough with the whining and the "What do I do now?" bit because he can't go to school and, this is the kicker by the way, now Pudding has a job! It's amazing to me... really.

So I packed him up and brought him home and will take him to the doctor in the morning. It was a little tricky to do so, because at first he didn't want to go, but then when her girlfriend told the Wolves it was bedtime he was more than happy to jump in the truck for the ride. Of course on the way home he fell asleep. I ended up driving and talking with The Steff (which btw means I will ACTUALLY have some drama to report) while he snored.

So tonight instead of watching one of my DVDs from Netflix, I watched Cartoon Network. At least it was Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends... and I can relate to that show. Personally I like Eduardo. He's my fave.

I'm sure I have bored the crap out of everyone and probably have lost all hope of keeping my readers. Go see Delilah... I'm sure she has something more interesting. I'll post about Blurb once I get the chance to actually mess around with it.
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