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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Honoring My Hawt Tenant, My Bitchin' Landlord, and Some Drama!!!

So today is once again Friday. As is my honorable tradition I will be paying honor to my lovely tenant Delilah. One of the things I cannot be held resposible when staying here is the changes that... errr... may occur. For instance, her stilleto heels have remained in the corner of the room while she runs around in my oversized furry sneaker slippers. I can't be held responsible for a woman finding comfort in my footwear. I also can't be held responsible for the alien abduction of her daughter. Really, not my fault. Don't pay any attention to the Galactic Death-Ray I received in the mail the other day either... it's all good. So if you haven't gone to see Delilah, well you better do so quick.

This week I am also staying at another blog. Okay, that really isn't true. I'm staying at THE blog. Yep... I finally got my paws into IT2M. I'm right there on the left... in the sidebar... do you see me? Isn't that cool how my orange totally classes with the purple? Yeah... and if you thought one female blogger makes the blog smell good... well holy shit does it smell heavenly over there! Granted every now and then I get this whiff of Lo Mein mixed with bannanna that has been smoked, but it really isn't bad at all. Yeah... my Rent-My-Blog dream has finally come true... I'm sleepin' with the Bitches (and...er... those other guys) for a week. Heh.


So there has been some recent drama developement lately. Before I get into that, Miss Britt pointed out that she really doesn't know anyone I tend to talk about. I tend to forget things like that. In fact, a lot of times I find that I'll say something that I know about and no one else has a clue and they get all "Huh?"ey about it. I don't really have a cast page, or a page of who is who. That's actually a good idea and something I'm going to have to work on, but in the meantime here is my 100th post, where I talk about some of the people more indepth.

So anyway it turns out The Nick has a little mini-vacation planned. She's leaving Saturday morning and flying to Chicago. Now what could be so special about Chicago you ask? Well apparently there is a guy there who is paying for her trip. So while she's telling me this one of the guys we work with, Spyder, chimes into the conversation about how he hopes The Nick knows she's gonna have to "put out". Now you have to understand something about Spyder and where he comes from. He is around 6 foot 7, 350 lbs, has lived in the PJs his entire life and if he stood outside at midnight the only way to see him would be if he smiled. I'm not joking... we've tested it.

So The Nick of course is all "Nuh-huh." Spyder is all "Uh-huh." After hearing that intellectual conversation for about a minute I told The Nick very simply that if she continues in this practice of using men for their money, "I'm going to wife you up if I don't get my cut." I know... it was extremely non-PC of me, very childish, and makes light of a serious problem in this country known traditionally as domestic violence. Of course this illicited a howl from Spyder, and then everyone got into the chant of "Pimp Dog's gonna wife her up! Pimp Dog's gonna wife her up!"

Yeah. She's not talking to me right now... even though I did give her Sunday off so she could go.

So the other night I was talking to The Steff. We were talking about the dresses she was looking at for the Hills Dinner coming up. Then we were talking about The Donkey, and how he's been sick all week and refused to go to the doctor. Then when he finally did go to the doctor he got some pills and was told to go rest. Instead, he went to the bar to watch baseball (he's a Met fan... the idiot) which she was aggravated at because she doesn't want him dying... particularly she doesn't want him dying in her bed. I can understand that... I mean she'd need to buy new sheets and stuff after he went.

But the bed of roses isn't done yet... she's pissed because they go out all the time to eat. Yes, I wrote that correctly. The Steff, who did nothing but complain about how Officer Crumb never took her out and how they never did anything, complained that they currently do too much. She wants to save money so they can move in together, and he just wants to go out to the bar and to eat. I know I was wrong... but I laughed and pointed out the irony of it. Well, she didn't get as pissed as The Nick did, but she was serious. She wants life to move on and she realizes that going out every night for dinner isn't going to further that progress.

On one hand I was really happy about that coming from The Steff, because it shows that she was looking to move things in a positive direction instead of letting herself get carried by the current. On the other... well I sort of sniffled... it meant she was acting like a grown up... and that will mean eventually I'll be non-existant.

She did send me two dress possibilities today. So which one would you guys pick?

Personally I'm all about the first one. She thought it might be overdressy... but all of us guys are getting tuxedos for pete's sake! Which by the way, I got fitted for mine tonight... and have decided I once again need to go on a diet.

Finally... today is also the last day to vote at the RFS Blog Awards... so if you haven't done that yet then go do it... and don't forget me for Porn King '06... afterall, Spyder doesn't call me a pimp for nothing.

EDIT: Apparently I was wrong with the timing, the RFS Blog Awards have been announced. Congratulations to Mr. Fabulous as the Porn King '06 winner! Thanks to everyone who voted for me even though it wasn't counted. I'll make a more formal concessions speech tonight.
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