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“In each of us two natures are at war… the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, but one of them must conquer. In our own hands lies the power to choose. What we want most to be we are.” – Dr. Henry Jekyll

Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Concession

So as you all know I've been trying to do the write in thing for the King of Porn '06 title over at the RFS Blog Awards. Well I lost because I didn't have a chance since write in ballots apparently aren't accepted. To be honest I had this long winded post going on and on about how write ins for a category that only has one nomination really should be allowed because otherwise you might as well forget about voting in that category and just crown the person. So I wrapped 1,400 words into one sentence right there. Whatever.

So I would like to congratulate Mr. Fab on his win. I know he has said he'd nominate me himself next round, and I truly appreciate that, but apparently the award categories aren't repeated. Which is another reason I cut my diatribe down because the Bitchiest/Biggest Asshole blogger has also been handed out... so really what was the point.

So in honor of Mr. Fab's win... I give you my last bit of inter-species porn...
As part of the concession there will not be an Ooogle Monday. That's right ladies... I am in mournful defeat... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stay tuned... because there will still be something world ending for you to see...

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