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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's Another FOAD Thursday At The APODB

Thursday is upon us. Let the FOADs begin with a vengeance...

First to Blogger and their outages. I lost the big meme that everyone has been doing lately. I was doing it because I was severely bored at work... and well it was pretty cool once you got to around question 15 or so. Of course, Blogger had an outage today and listed it in PDT. Of course I miscalculated and lost the entire thing. So Blogger... here's yet another FOAD for you to endure.

My next once again is aimed at BE. Now to be fair, BE service has improved over the past few weeks. The banners for my Photoblog were approved in 18 hours. The load times have been pretty good, and aside from a hangup on the Rent-Your-Blog code that occures occasionally its been pretty good. Then Monday I submitted the banners I made for my day as a bitch. I mean hey, I made them and everyone seemed to like'em, so they should be seen in my opinion. So I uploaded them Monday morning and assigned some credits so they could start rotation. So far... nada. So this FOAD is more because BE falsely gave me hope as far as returning to a somewhat decent service as opposed to just being them. At this point I honestly feel if they went the way of BlogClicker, although every now and then you find a gem in the pile of stones, they really wouldn't be doing anyone a disservice. The sad part is there are people who volunteer their time over there and get discouraged when they see something like this... but it isn't about the vollies... it's about the people who are making money off the site. So FOAD BE.

FOAD work. Just FOAD and the beauracratic bullshit that has consumed the business of making a difference in people's lives.

My next FOAD is aimed at the manager from Dunkin' Donuts... not Julio. Well it turns out the manager found out about the pics I took of Julio... and decided to suspend him. Needless to say I got into the manager's face about it because that shit is wrong. I don't care if Julio is illegal or not and gets paid under minimum wage so they feel he isn't a real employee, but to punish him for something I did is fucking wrong. So I invited the manager to punish me in the parking lot... which he of course declined. Julio was back to work the next day... AND he made my shit right! The manager still needs to FOAD. Oh... and the Labor Board will be there next week. I hope that manager can explain how three of the four people behind the counter aren't being paid the proper wage... much less on the books.

Finally I have some Peace and Love to spread. I need to show Peace and Love to those who believe that this blog, or their own blog, is the end all be all of the world as they know it. Your nothing but an Internet addict and need a fucking intervention. Peace and Love to those who think that because you read this blog you think you know enough about me to judge me as a pedophile or as someone empty and lonely. Lonely, sure... but empty? Fucktards I'm at the 275 lbs mark, so I'm full of something. Even if its shit its still something. Pedophile... HA! I fucking proof the girls before looking. As for talking... well we've been down that road.

Peace and Love to those who think that a bad word and negativity should be ignored. Fact of life people... negativity exists for a reason. It exists to balance out the world otherwise we would all be shiny happy people with bowl haircuts, white picket fences, and 2.5 kids playing with Fido in the backyard with absolutely no civic liberties left whatsoever. In other words, negativity is a version of an opinion that adds diversity to the world. Deal with it... don't shut it out and delete it. Otherwise you become delusional and aren't able to deal with the occasional harsh truth that you are in fact delusional to a fault because the world is not the peach you thought it to be. Take it all in... evaluate it... and decide what you find to be bullshit or not. There is truth in everything... it just isn't necessarily obvious.

You can say the glass is half full all you want... to me and mine it is half-empty and we're looking for the container to refill it. When everyone says, "Oh my god that accident is so bad they must be dead!" me and mine are saying, "I got the tube!" How much jollier can we fucking be? Nothing is impossible... it just takes longer. But the secret to that success is being negative as well as positive, because if you get your hopes up every single time and have them smashed when you're not used to it... if it matters you won't care anymore. Not caring isn't negativity. Not caring is being apathetic. At that point you might as well be dead.

Peace and Love to the shiny happy people who think there doesn't need to be a balance in the universe and who are stupid enough to think that lightpoles kill. The worse they do is send you into a coma, allow you to sue a city, and then have a baseball players plane crash into the condo on the upper eastside that you bought with that money... which will lead to just another lawsuit and undoubtedly more money. It really isn't that bad a deal when you think about it.

Oh... and if this seems wacked out, confused, and disturbed... yeah... I've been drinking... so FOAD if that makes a difference to you.


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