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Friday, October 27, 2006

Hold The Honors... It's All Just Drama

So normally my posts get written around 11:00pm or midnight and posted for the day. Well that didn't happen because I had to do a striptease for the Master of PHP via webcam. Sorry for all of you who inadvertently were blinded by it. Then I had some other stuff to do and some Netflix movies to watch and the next thing I knew it was 5:00am and bed time. So for all of you who need your APODB fix first thing in the morning... well if it ever happens again just go watch an episode of the Teletubbies... they're more interesting anyway.

Fridays I generally honor my tenant and landlords. Well as some of you may have noticed... I have no tenant since Delilah left. My stay at IT2M also came to a close so I'm really not staying anywhere either. I think I'm coming to a close with the Rent-My-Blog phenomenon. The concept of it is nice... but I think people place the value on it in the wrong way. I'll leave the code for now... and maybe one day if I'm really bored I'll open myself up again for a week here and there... but I don't plan on it becoming a regular thing.


Now on to the Drama. So it turns out that last weekend The Donkey took The Steff dress shopping after he heard I was taking her Sunday. So this is the dress she got. I think it's nice... but considering how EVERYBODY liked the simple dress as opposed to the dress I liked last week, well I guess I just don't have THE fashion sense.

Wednesday night, as many of you may have noticed by yesterday's rant, I went to the bar with some of the guys from The Hills. The Steff met us there, and over black and tans and amaretto sours she confided that she was really unhappy about the dress. She is a girl in the makeup and hair sense but she absolutely HATES dresses and skirts. I sort of knew this was coming... considering that in the 3.5 years I've known her I have seen her in a skirt zero times. Everything has always been either jeans, slacks, or pantsuits.

Now I can't stand it when she's unhappy. So guess where I'll be tomorrow? Yeah... shopping for her for something to wear tomorrow night that she likes and will be happy in. This shopping expedition of course will happen after my 10:00am hair appointment for my dye job. Why am I stressing about my hair so much? Well last Saturday was the eldest wolf's confirmation. So there in the middle of Spulmoni Gardens with everyone listening, Pudding says, "Boy Dog, no wonder you can't find a girl, you're going all gray."

Right. The fact that most of the gray hairs comes from her and the insanity she spontaneously puts me through was mentioned in my defense however by, of all people, her girlfriend. So I guess everything is not as peachy as it would seem in rainbow land. Go figure. So this has driven me to examining my head pretty much everyday. I don't think I'm a vain person... but the thought of gray hair makes me bonkers. I'm a Toys'R'Us kid... I don't wanna grow up...

I've had my hair dyed before with mixed results. Christine has done it a few times for me, my mom did it for me twice, and Pudding did it for me when it was her wifely duty. So now tomorrow morning The Steff has made an appointment for me with her salon friend, who is also responsible for all her dye jobs, Marissa. So for the first time, in an effort to conquer the encroaching gray in my quaff, I'm having it done by a pro.

Getting old sucks.
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