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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Saints Are Coming

This post should have made it up on All Saints Day. It didn't make it. But I love this video. I really love it.

I should have glorious stories of a Hallow's Eve filled with trick or treating as a Sith Hockey Player with my wolves, and stories of a party later that night with my favorite lil Goth Red Riding Hood. However I don't.

I should also have some sort of word update on my NaNoWriMo attempt. Again however... I don't. Not even one letter has been struck.

What I do have is 237 e-mails and 336 Bloglines items to go through. Why? Because I once again got sidelined by the cellulitus like in June. I caught it relatively early this time though... Tuesday morning when I got out of the shower light headed with the pain in the groin right before my leg gave out was a sure sign that I wasn't going to make it trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, apparently I had already been sick for around 5 days when I realized it. My Tuesday night temp was 103.4 and I crested Wednesday night at 103.7 which resulted in some serious anti-biotics via IV. I was finally fever free Thursday... and after I nearly put 1 of the 4 residents, who suggested I stay in the hospital until Monday, through the window at the hospital today they finally let me come home with an Augmentin script. Just the fact I moved out of the bed as quickly as I did to put him through the plate glass after he CLEARLY had been ignoring me the entire time I was there was evidence enough to the floor Attending that I was well enough to go.

Although the infection wasn't anywhere nearly as deep as last time... I left with far more battle wounds. Over the course of 3 and a half days I had 9 IV's. The last IV I did myself this morning after the nurse who came in missed it on the third stick with a fucking 22 gauge. I implanted an 18 gauge without a problem. I wish I had been able to do that Tuesday, but I just couldn't see straight. But the best was the double abdominal Heparin shots I had to take every 12 hours. That really made me righteous. So yeah... this stay was not as pleasant as the last and I sure as shit am happy to be home.

So I am alive and will be getting around to my backlog... but first I'm going to lay down because even though I slept more in the last two days than I have in a month... I'm still tired as all hell.

I do hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween.
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