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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Sunday Smorgashboard

So it seems Sundays are just a time to give you a bunch of information that I find interesting. So here's a bunch of stuff I find interesting:
  • Dawn has discovered that she doesn't have an accent. In a way I feel really bad for her... I think she wanted one.
  • KG finally discovered that eating ice is NOT normal. It may mean she's anemic. Next time I tell her something isn't normal... maybe she'll listen. *SNORT*
  • T finally made a post. It's confirmed... she's a wackjob magnet.
  • The 'Net Mom has a new neighbor. She sounds like my type. Thigh highs... *SWOON*... I am a huge leg man.
  • It seems RockyJay is moving in on my turf. He has a date with Britney. I wonder if this means I have to worry about her turning into a lesbian too or just cheating on me? WTFeva k bitch?
  • Luin just realized that Wal*Mart is evil. Yeah... she's probably suffering from that missing time syndrome again but at least she explains WHY they are evil.
  • Soda is watching the Star Wars sextology. No you perverts... that isn't where C-3PO lubes up Leia and Obi-Wan does the Jedi Cum Trick on Padme. That's all 6 Star Wars movies shown in order. I've already done it by DVD... but it is playing in the background.
  • It turns out that UPS delivers stuff to the wrong house. Big surprise here folks... they ARE dressed in brown for a reason (to hide the drool). I feel for Denise in trying to deal with it. Next time use FedEx.
  • The savage nature of racoons has been revealed by Mr. Fab. They're just pissed because I had to cut the payroll on my animal porn when he won the King of Porn award.
  • Betty is seeing some awesome shows. I thought I was a pro at concert going... but she has made it apparent she is. I bow down in worship.
  • Finally... Joe figured out why we dogs chase the pussy. We think they're chew toys. Nobody said we were smart.
Isn't it just typical that you find other people more interesting than yourself??? No huh? Well... I do.

Christine and I had coffee tonight. I think I was supposed to go see that Borat movie with The Donkey and The Steff... but they never called and coffee is always a good thing over being the third or fifth wheel in a movie. In our conversation we talked about that thing she calls a husband and how he doesn't appreciate her. It struck a bit of a chord with me because there was an extremely similar discussion earlier in the week that I was a part of. So I told her the sad truth... men suck at showing appreciation. Even when women tell us how we feel 27 times we still won't get it. On the 28th time, when those divorce papers are in our hands, that's when we get it.

Christine laughed about it and said, "Well at least you can admit it." Mmmm... yeah I can because I've been there. What's worse? If I ever end up in a relationship again, I'd probably be the same way. Do I think ALL guys are like this? No of course not... but those guys who aren't like that are usually gay anyway so what's the point?

We also talked about the all important Christmas Cards. She's doing a picture of her and her daughter this year... which I am grateful for. Any card she sent with HIM in the picture I usually either covered HIM with a cut-out of myself or colored HIM in with a sharpie. No... I'm not acrimonious towards HIM... really.

So I am still torn about what card to send. I told her about a few card ideas I had... but ever since the divorce it just seems weird to be sending out pictures of either all the wolves or just DJ. Last year I did two... one with all the wolves that went out to just family and one of me getting patted down by Big Jay in Texas that went out to friends. Everyone liked the one from Texas... but I really haven't gone anywhere this year where I could get molested by a 400 pound man on the hood of a State Trooper car.

So I am still undecided about what kind of Christmas Cards to send out even though Christine came up with a few cool ideas... but at least two of them would require me finding girls willing to be half-naked in public and another might get me thrown in jail for the potential of terrorist activities (think Rockefeller Center, a gas can, and a Zippo... only she could think of it) against an icon of the United States. I have trouble finding just ONE girl to get naked and I'd rather smoke a Cuban than to be in Cuba. Go figure. Any ideas? I actually have a lot to send out this year.


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