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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Few Memos From APODB

I need to send out a few Memos from the APODB so some people understand exactly what is going on and what they need to do...

To: Kevin Federline (self-proclaimed K-Fed aka Mr. Spears)
From: NYC Watchdog
RE: Kill Yourself. All Your Bitch Belong To Us.

Due to your recent inability to have a single success, due to getting bitchslapped on CSI, due to getting bodyslammed by John Cena, and finally due to losing hypnotic control of your woman it is highly advised that you kill yourself. This is evident by the fact that your wife has filed for divorce and is soon to be your ex-wife. All your bitch belong to us.


To: George W. Bush
From: NYC Watchdog
RE: Kill Yourself. All Your House Belong To Blue.

Due to your inability to lead this country that has now woken up to your wonky ways and has served you a referendum on your performance, you have cost your party control of the House of Representatives and quite possibly The Senate as well so it is highly advisable that you take your own political life and start planning for a one roomed library featuring See Dick Run A Country Into The Ground. All your House belong to Blue.


To: Faith Hill
From: NYC Watchdog
RE: Kill Yourself. All Your Hit Belong To Carrie Underwood.

Due to your inability in thinking that there may be someone other than yourself as a winner at the Country Music Awards it is highly advisable that from now on you wait for the actual name announcement before raising your hands in victory and standing, and be sure it is YOUR name. Additionally any sort of status you may have earned previously as a potential country "diva" is hereby revoked due to your apology and attempt to explain it away as a joke and it is highly advisable that you therefore take your own life. All your hit belong to Carrie Underwood.

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