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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Getting Back To The Grind

So I decided to keep going with what I had for the NaNoWriMo thing. Maybe it'll kick ass... in all likelihood it won't. I just want to finish and say I did it and then be able to turn my attention to the project that has been dominating me for a little over a year. Of course once I do finish it I wonder what I'll do with it. Originally I hadn't thought about trying to make anything out of it since it was more of a "passion" project. Then thoughts creeped in about trying to get it to my old agent and see if he'd be interested in trying to sell it. We didn't end on bad terms... but my last project that I flaked on kinda put a bit of a wall between us to the point where I considered myself agentless once again. I don't know what I'll do with it... but of course I once again am placing the cart before the horse... and I really just need to buckle down and finish it once NaNoWriMo is over with.

Talking about carts before horses... well I went to see my doctor today. I figured I'd be cleared to go back to work tomorrow. Well he didn't clear me yet. I need to do blood work in the morning before he'll clear me... even though I already have a not saying I can go back to work on Wednesday. During my visit we talked about the limb and it's turgidity this go round as compared to last time. It was certainly less turgid this time but the discoloration affected approximately 75% of the same area. So because of this he is sending me to a vascular specialist for a veinous study. Sounds exciting right? Just so long as on Friday I'm good to go see GNR at MSG, then life is good.


Today has other importance by the way. Today is Election Day here in the United States. Now there are quite a few local races going on as well as some governorships and Congressional contests. The big one here in New York believe it or not has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and her Senatorial campaign (was she even challenged by anyone?), nor does it have anything to do with Elliot Spitzer's bid to become the next Governor. It has to do with Alan Hevesi and his bid for re-election as State Comptroller.

So Hevesi has been a fixture in state and city politics for awhile. His son, Dan Hevesi, is also involved in local city politics and is obviously trying to follow in daddy's footsteps. Let me put it as bluntly as possible. They are both hypocritical assholes who should be brought out and flogged in the middle of Station Square. Why do I have such strong feelings about these two? Simply put, back in 2001 Hevesi released a report that basically slandered private ambulances and accused them of patient steering. My problem with his report is that he singled out the privates and voluntaries... never mentioning the longer response time of municipal units or the fact that they do the exact same thing. Hevesi in fact went so far as to try and initiate some sort of law that would mandate that when a patient called 911 for an ambulance that they would be taken to the closest hospital.

His law never gained much popularity, specifically amongst healthcare providers for two reasons. Reason 1 is that unless you are dying and critically ill we generally think you should go to the hospital of your choice. There is a reason people will pick Our Lady of Mercy over North Central Bronx. Namely Our Lady of Mercy is a real hospital with a real ability to care while North Central Bronx quite literally has sold their airspace to Montefiore Medical Center in order to keep the lights on amongst other things. I wouldn't take my worst enemy to North Central... nevermind the fact that most people don't even realize it is a hospital. Reason 2 is that if you are a doctor for let's say Mt. Sinai in Manhattan, and your mom lives across the street from St. Luke's Hospital which is only 15 blocks away from Mt. Sinai, and mom needs to go to the hospital then you can't call 911 and have her brought to your own hospital. Now remember this last situation because it is important.

So Dan Hevesi chimed in with his father shortly thereafter about our "idling". Ambulances, primarily during winter months, will idle on a corner waiting for an assignment. We idle because of the cold and the need to keep not only ourselves warm, but also the patient compartment. We don't idle as much during spring, summer, or fall because the temperatures don't require it. At most during those seasons we'll turn the bus on for fifteen minutes every hour just so the batteries don't go dead from our onboard computers. Well this fucktard actually brought a camera crew to MY corner and got into my face about it. He was lucky he brought that camera. I may be dense but stupidity is not my thing so Uncle Louie stayed in the truck.

So you would think what's good for the goose is good for the gander right? Not so... not so at all. In fact there was a rumor that in the summer of 2002, after Hevesi lost his bid to become mayor, that one of his family members became ill. Three blocks away from a private hospital that could have accomadated this family member, the Hevesi's chose instead to go to a hospital more than 15 minutes away. It is also rumored that upon the ambulance crews arrival they were asked why they took so long... and it is rumored that one of the techs made the point to junior Hevesi that their 7 minute response would have only been 5 had their ambulance been running and not shut off. Now IF this rumor is true (and I believe this rumor is because... well... I just do and I'll leave it at that) then they are hypocritical bastards. If not... well they are still bastards.

Here is a fact though... Alan Hevesi used State Employees as a personal chauffer for a family member. Even if he wins tomorrow he may be removed from office anyway. Why bother to give him the win? I'll vote for the Communist Party candidate before I vote for him. Then again that whole Hammer and Sickle thing is kind of infringing on my red hat. I'll vote for Chris Callaghan instead. At least he hasn't done anything hypocritical that I'm aware of.

I'm sure some people will be saying, "Well why bother to vote?" In all honesty I could never understand why people are apathetic to voting. Why bother buying a Lotto ticket? Why bother going for a job interview? Why bother trying to do your own business? Why bother getting up in the morning? Because they all offer a chance and an opportunity.

Voting is a chance to be heard... granted it isn't the best way or my preferred method... but it is still an opportunity I for one cannot pass up.

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