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Friday, November 17, 2006

Save The Drama For The Baby Momma

So today is Friday. Thank goodness... it just seems like it has been a hellish week for whatever reason. Last night was particularly disparaging as I had a refresher in things that will go boom and kill you. I keep trying to tell them that I learned my lesson about that type of shit awhile ago... which means if "the tree" is "hot" I'm getting four flats fast. They just don't listen. Oh well.

This week I rented some space at a few blogs. The APODB is crashing over at Amy's Musings this week. It's a nice little place... very comfy and homey... and best of all... her template has ORANGE!!! Woo-hoo!!! So I fit right in. Go say hi. TADE is staying over at Pics of the Week. Not your atypical photoblog... but he has some seriously funny pics over there. Go check that out too.

I still am not renting here though. Still not feeling it. Apparently there are alot of other people not feeling it too. Whereas I used to see and easy dozen plus blogs up for rent... the going number this week has been 7. Yep... at any given moment there are 7 blogs up for rent. Is the Rent-My-Blog frenzy over? Did I kill it? Well, as much as I'd like to think I'm all important and shit, I'm really not. I do think though that it is definately waning in popularity and has for awhile.

I did catch one renter who had their blog up for 500 credits. Their reasoning was they've been on a BOTB losing streak and needed credits. This is something I can never understand. I have been on a serious losing streak lately. In fact I've fallen something like 20 spots. Whereas Soda used to be on the same page as me in the rankings, well I've fallen WAY behind. Whateva. So I lose and people hate me. That's okay... I don't mind being hated for whatever trivial reasons they feel. I just don't get how people use Rent-My-Blog because they are low on credits. If I vote for an entire page of BOTB's, that's almost 30 credits guaranteed... 37 if Hamburger's battling. So I don't get it.

I did rent my blog twice for 500 credits just to see who would bid. Ano did once for Dead Silence... and Lisa did when she first un-Fooked her blog. I never got Ano's credits otherwise I would have given them back to her... which I guess is one of the 5 Trouble Tickets outstanding at BE. I'm pretty sure I refunded Lisa's credits... if I didn't I definately should have. I'm not going to go into a whole rant about Rent-My-Blog value. I did that already. I just still don't get it.


The only real drama this week has been from Pudding. Well... it's going on more like 2 weeks now... but nothing else happened so I may as well mention this now because at some point later I am sure there will be an FOAD to come out of this.

So she decided that with her new Life Partner (LP), that they are going to buy a house in New Jersey. It really isn't that far... only 45 minutes from where she lives now. One of the key reasons is that her LP was transferred out there for work. So now her commute sucks. I'm not going to talk about how I commuted 2 and a half hours every week and slept on a futon for months or all the sacrifices I ended up making for naught. I'm not bitter or anything... its just ironic in a way.

So to buy this house that they have selected guess what they need? Right. Money in the bank. Guess who's money they want? Right. Mine. Well not just mine... mine and ex-husband #1. Now understand something, I might bitch about her and whine about her, but in the end she is the mother of my son... and I guess yeah... to some degree I still deep down want her to be happy... 'cause a happy momma better equal a happy son... so if this is what will do it then so be it. So I'm giving her the money. She says she'll pay me back as soon as they close... she just needs it in the bank. Whatever. It'll make her happy and ultimately it is better for the Wolves to live in a house than above a sex shop in my honest opinion.

Ready for the kicker? Well she has had this friend who I am going to call Stupid Fucking Whore (SFW). I cannot stand this friend. I hate her with all that is within me. Why? Because she did nothing but cause problems between us, she's cheated on her husband a shitload of times, and I just can't stand her. There was a time we were friends... in fact, one night we were drunk and things could have happened... but I knew she was a whore and left her standing in the kitchen. This apparently is what caused her bitterness towards me and why she created problems for me both with Pudding and at my job. So she is just a SFW, k?

So guess where SFW lives? Yeah... Jersey. I didn't put it together until the Wolf known as Professor blurted it out while I was re-arranging shit on his MySpace. It turns out the house the happy couple wants to buy is directly behind SFW. DIRECTLY BEHIND. Ontop of all this... SFW has a daughter the same age as DJ, my actual biological son. Turns out they've been playing together. Turns out... after some spotlight interrogation and tickle torture he "likes" her. Oh fucking no.

So I called Pudding on it this week. She was a little bit taken aback... but finally admitted that all the intel I had garnered was true. I advised her our relationship has now changed. I am no longer a lender. Fuck that. I'm a partner. In fact I am a partner with a specific section of the new house. Her LP readily agreed... although they said they'd still pay me back... which I think took Pudding by surprise. It seems her LP has been learning things I already knew... and we're on the same page more and more.

So you may be wondering what section of the house I have chosen. Simple really. The backyard... and this is what's going there...

... and no SFW is breaking my fucking wall.
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