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Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Another FOAD Thursday With A Special Message

So today is yet another edition of the beautiful themed Fuck Off And Die Thursday. This is by far my favorite blogging day of the week... and I have some special Peace and Love to share today. However, first, we need to FOAD a few things.

First and foremost I must send an FOAD out to all the shitty ass drivers on the road who don't understand the concept of the accelerator on the right and the brake on the left. Now I realize it may be cloudy... but the roads are not wet so crawling at the pace of snail must be secondary to confusion over which pedal to step on.

I would like to say FOAD to everyone who has been pissy, bitchy, and downright obnoxious and then blame it on this Mercury retrograde thing because some idiot from 1-800-Astrology told them it was because of this. Now I do have someone in particular who has been nothing but a holier than thou twat and then blamed it on the stars as to why they are unable to be a normal human being towards those around them. I am sure there are more like her out there somewhere. What the fuck is your excuse for the rest of the year? If you continue to insist on this excuse then I'll be forced to take a handful of mercury thermometers and retrograde them in your ass, k? So FOAD you bitch and all those like you.

I would like to send an FOAD out to Wolfgang Kaleck and his band of merry lawyers from Germany. See, Wolfgang and his boys are seeking to bring Donald Rumsfeld up on war crimes. Now I'm all for free speech and world courts and happy stuff like that... but when a GERMAN tries to bring an AMERICAN up on WAR CRIMES... oh fucking hell no. See Wolfgang Assmunch... I am an American for one reason and one reason only if the truth must be told. His name was Adolf Hitler... and he committed REAL WAR CRIMES against GERMANS... namely two of my great-grandparents. Hell, if it wasn't for that fuckhead I'd probably be living in a castle somewhere in the Black Forest getting my schnitzel serviced by some busty blonde barmaid. However since Adolf dispossessed one half of my family, and then tried to exterminate the other side, I'm all for America. So here's what I suggest... put down the fucking stein and go get a real job in a country that has been unified for more than twenty years. FOAD Wolfgang Assmunch... let's not try to impress your oh so outstanding Germanic morals on the world through the World Courts when half your country still belongs in Stalin's Gulag. Now if his last name would have been Yakimoto and he had been from Japan... then I really would not be feeling this way if the truth must be told.

And now... a special message for all of you video bloggers out there...

Yes... Peace and Love to all you bookcase insisting video bloggers. Let's stop being boring intellectuals and start livening up the show, k? Don't make me do another one of these down the road... because that's where the cemetary is. Ya dig?

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