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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ambient PS3 Stupidity

Last night my brother and I were having dinner with my mom. It's actually a big deal to get the two of us at a table together... something that usually doesn't happen except for Sundays during football season and holidays. It isn't that we hate each other, but our work schedules are usually wacked out and we pass each other constantly. Since he started a new job this week we've seen each other more at the table during a weeknight this week than in the past 7 years.

You also need to understand that my brother is by far a much more avid gamer than I am. After spending many years dominating him in all sorts of games... well I don't think I've legitimately beat him in a game since 1999 unless it was Super Mario Bros. Super Cart. He in fact has every console game system made since Super Nintendo and is constantly playing City of Heroes on a supped up piece of Alienware I will freely admit I drool over on a quasi-regular basis.

So last night's conversation went like this:
Me: I'm surprised your here and not getting your PS3 hooked up.
Him: Not getting it.
Me: Really?
Him: Yeah. It's too hyped, has had shitty demos and benchmarks, and is Nintendo's version of the crappy GameCube.
Me: Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I think Blue-Ray is overhyped.
Him: Definately. Besides, I'd rather get the Wii on Sunday than get shot by some stupid ass thug who's gonna just sell it on E-Bay for more than any sane person should pay for a system to an unhappy customer who'll come looking for me when it overheats. Ever notice how everytime a new system hits there is a "component" shortage. It's just a ploy to increase demand. There are plenty of components out there and a shitload of people who know the concepts of Supply and Demand working for Sony. Everyone else is just too stupid to figure it out.

I found that last statement kinda funny... considering he was camped out at a Best Buy last year for XBox 360. Seriously. We didn't see him for a week... and when he came home he smelled like he had been gone for a week. So you know it is really bad when a hardcore gamer such as my brother would rather get a Nintendo console that is billed for kids than the Sony console billed as "The Ultimate Next Generation Gaming Console". It makes you wonder what those people are thinking.

It also makes you wonder what these people are thinking. Apparently, they are raising money to buy a PS3 so that they can smash it. Yep, you heard me right. They bought a PS3 and smashed it. Here's the video...

Sadly... I tend to think they were the smart ones... while those suffering from ambient stupidity continue their quest to overpay for a product that won't yield it's true worth for years.
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