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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Greeting Cards For All The Alternative People

So during my travels through cyberspace I was directed to this website called Knor Designs. It's actually a very basic website but with a unique twist. It sells a variety of greeting cards that has "Original Artwork with alternative lifestyles in mind". By "alternative" they mean those with a gay/lesbian lifestyle... nothing gothic or grunge in there... at least not yet.

What's really great about the website is that it breaks the cards into five categories: In The Closet, On The Edge, Straight Out, Full Support, and It's All Relative. So basically they have you covered whether you're in the closet or loud and proud about your lifestyle. The actual designs are pretty cool, and as a connoisseur of greeting cards I can say a number of their designs are something you will never find in Hallmark. There are cards for Him and Him, Her and Her, and Breast Cancer Get Well Cards. They even have pet sympathy cards which I thought were the coolest.

So if your living alternatively or just looking for something different, be sure to check out Knor Designs for all your greeting card needs.

BTW... this is in no way shape or form a paid post by Review Me or PayPerPost or anything... but if it'll keep my cousin with the fucked up gaydar from starving to death this winter so I don't have to go up north to bring him coupons then it'll be worth it. So go visit or spread the word, k? Thanks.
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