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Monday, November 27, 2006

Ooogle Monday... The Ooogle That Should

Today as you may or may not know is Ooogle Monday here at the APODB. I just want it specifically clear... when I posted last week's Ooogle I had no idea that People Magazine was waiting on me to declare George Clooney The Sexiest Man Alive 2006. I am such a trendsetter I tell you...

Anyway, on with this week's Ooogle aptly titled "The Ooogle That Should"... meaning these are the Ooogles I would pick for sexiest people alive if I wasn't such a trendsetter...

This is Wentworth Miller from Prison Break, the television show. While perhaps not the sexiest pic... he is chained up... so he is at your mercy my lovelies...
This is of course the beautiful Tila Tequila of The Evil Empire Fame. This is truly a great photo taken by Kristin Burns. It is definately a departure from Tila's usual T&A pics... and one long awaited.


I know its not Thursday, but I need to put this out there because I'm likely to blow a gasket over it if I don't.

On Wednesday of this week "The Tree" will be lit at Rockefeller Center. Anyone notice anything amiss with that? Right... the word "Christmas" has been dropped. Every referral to "The Tree" locally has been just that, to "The Tree". I made the mistake of calling it "The Christmas Tree" and was immediately told that it is to be referred to as "The Tree" or by it's call sign. Yeah, I know... sounds stupid to have a secret call sign for "The Tree"... but it's on the top 10 list in the city for terrorist targets so wtfeva.

So yeah... I'm a little pissed. The city of Roanoke, Virginia got it right. They dropped the "Holiday Tree" title and correctly have renamed it a "Christmas Tree". Auburn University in Alabama has also found a way to correctly call their tree a "Christmas Tree". Even the Federal Government has called their tree "The Capitol Christmas Tree". So wtf is up New York? Afraid to say the "C" word?

Now in all fairness... the word Christmas hasn't been TOTALLY dropped. The Rockefeller Center website it is still referred to it as "The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree" in certain places. NBC is still calling the special they will air as "Christmas in Rockefeller Center". It just seems the rest of the city is walking a gray line in what they call it to try and avoid the controversies that happened last year.

I say to hell with the line. To hell with political correctness. We're New Yorkers for heaven's sake... since when are we dictated to what we call our big evergreens? Considering all the other trash both the New York Daily News and New York Post print, calling it a Christmas Tree will be the least of their issues. Call it what it's supposed to be called and has been known as for the last hundred or so years in this country... a Christmas Tree. If not... fine... just FOAD.

BTW... this is not a pro-christian or specifically a pro-christianity nutjob post. I hate those fuckers more than I hate rhubarb pie... and I despise fucking rhubarb pie. I'm just really tired of political correct bullshit being shoved down my gullet for no reason.


So now that I feel all better and shit for getting that off my chest... allow me to let you in on a little secret... yeah... I'm at work. Sucks right? Actually I like working overnights... just not here. I'd prefer to be lurking in the shadows and lighting up the streets.

So instead of boring the shit out of all of you by just rambling... I'm going to *GASP* go through the blogrolly thing. Maybe I'll update it... maybe I won't. But at the very least... I'll do the click.
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