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Friday, December 01, 2006

Dramatic Friday

So because I don't want to just bore people with the drama of my life... and I have stopped doing the whole BE Rent-A-Blog thing in an effort to *COUGH*decrease load time*COUGH*... here's something you may or may not have seen over at YouTube that demonstrates that miracles do happen...

Heh. And people wonder why we laugh when their bumper gets a scratch and they complain of neck pain. AllState-itis fools.


So now on to the drama... let's see... last weekend I was supposed to go to Babies'R'Us with The Steff. Well it turned out she was able to go on Friday instead. So where did we go Saturday? We went to Borders!!! Woo-hoo!!! While there, The Steff being the mayor of the world as she is, ran into one of her friends from school. So while she chatted away I got to look around and get a nice fill of the store. Its great... and within walking distance so life got even better!

That night The Steff, The Donkey, The Terrorist and I went out to dinner. This was when the valet incident happened. After dinner we went to meet up with X at the movies to see Casino Royale. The film was punctuated by X turning around and saying, "The Steff and The Donkey are fighting again," then it was "The Steff and The Donkey made up,". This repeated itself about 7 times. So things are normal on that front... although she hasn't been talking to me about these arguments that I know they've been having. I tend to think she's trying to keep me disinvolved because, technically, I'm friends with both of them... although the recurring pattern is X takes his side and I take hers when we're in public. In the end though... it was actually a good movie besides the fact I never knew James Bond played Texas Hold'Em.

The Pudding has been witholding Santa lists from me. This annoys the piss out of me because I just want to get the shopping over with. It's a total of 5 wolves I need to get for... so it usually isn't cheap. Then she tells me this week that I have to take DJ to see Santa, which I have zero problem with. My problem is that she dragged him to the mall, he saw Santa from afar, and she refused to stop with him, and therefore he lost his mind. Well no shit Sherlock. That kinda crap bothers the hell out of me... the part where she made him lose his mind. So this weekend we're going to see the big man. Ontop of all this, she tells me not to worry because she already got DJ everything he wanted. Well then what the fuck am I going to get him? This is one reason why I hate the holidays... she turns them into cluster fucks.

Finally, Christine called me this week. She told me a bunch of shit about Thanksgiving which I really didn't listen to because I was kinda annoyed at her... but then she reminded me that Thursday of next week is my mother's birthday. Loving son aren't I? It takes Christine to remind me when her birthday is. It isn't a hard day to remember afterall... she was born one hour before Pearl Harbor got bombed. So now I have to figure out what to get The Bitch for her birthday. Oh and before you all jump down my throat for calling her The Bitch, understand something, that's how she introduces herself to me friends she meets, "I'm The Bitch, mother of Watchdog."

I kid you not.
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