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Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh Hell No With Some Drama On The Side...

When logging in I was greated with this...

Your New Version Of Blogger Is Ready!!!

The new version of Blogger now has all the original features you're used to, plus new post labels, drag-and-drop template editing, and privacy controls. And, it's a lot more reliable.

After you switch you'll need to sign in with your Google Account, but your blogs will stay the same. Their content and layout will not change.

Oh hell no. Maybe if the ORIGINAL Blogger worked properly... then I might be willing... but nah. Not gonna happen. I'm staying old school as long as I possibly can.


Now on to the drama... there hasn't been too much craziness... just enough to fill a few lines. Last Friday while at work Pudding decided to drop in. She was getting her mini-vans windows tinted and wanted my truck. Of course... I was stuck in the middle of some chaotic shit on one of the main boards... so I just tossed her the keys. She then proceeded to wag her tail feathers and kiss me on the cheek before leaving, making sure everyone saw. What. The. Fuck. We are DIVORCED!!! It was pretty obvious she was in her mind marking her territory in front of my female co-workers. Worse was she brought the truck back late... and now the transmission is bucking. She did however finally come up with the lists for the Wolves. I just hope the tranny doesn't go before Christmas.

Saturday I was supposed to go have lunch with The Steff and Mel. Mel was nowhere to be found. The Steff overslept of course, so instead we went and got coffee and did some shopping in The Hills. I absolutely adore shopping with The Steff... in fact she is probably the only female I will voluntarily go shopping with. We go in, look around, and then boom we're out. So we did the leather store, shoe store, Bannana Republic, and Bed Bath and Beyond in all of 30 minutes. She picked up a few things for some co-workers and friends... and she even bought me a rubber ducky of my color choice (classic yellow although if they would have had orange...) for Xmas. She's still looking for that "perfect" gift for The Donkey. I suggested the purple rubber ducky... and got the evil eye for me effort.

Sunday I got to spend 90 minutes on line to go see the fat man in the red suit with DJ. I've come to the conclusion, based on the kids in that line, that he really doesn't have that many houses to visit come Christmas Eve. I've also come to the conclusion that photos with him are following the economy. So after 90 minutes and $40, we now have the picture that will go on the cards for the family. Yeah... I still have to pay for those too.

Finally... the grand old company party was Wednesday night. I chose to work instead of going... first time in 12 years mind you that I have missed this party. I know for a fact I had a better time talking to a beautiful woman when the quote of the day regarding the party was, "Well this year the food sucked the same, the liquor sucked the same, but they gave no one any awards or recognition so apparently we're all shit." However... apparently my non-appearance has caused a bit of a stir among the faithful. Oh well.

Okay... so that was more than a few lines. I should apologize for being misleading... but as they say in Mother Russia... toughshitskies.


On a final note... the deadline for this year's Holiday Cards will be this Sunday. If you don't e-mail me your address at nycwatchdog(at)apileofdogbones.com by Sunday... you will not get this year's edition of the Holiday Card... which by the way is destined to become a collector's item.
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