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Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Drama Friday... Drama Is What You Make It

Yeah. I damn near didn't post tonight/this morning. I'm drained as all shit... in fact I drooled on my pillow for 5 hours and will probably be going back to drool some more. But today is Drama Friday, and since I'm still not doing the BE thing, that's all there is.

To be honest, the only real drama was with The Nick and her cracker boyfriend. So Ms. I M FraidO'Commitment has now been with Crackerhead for 2 months. It's definitely a new record. I'm not sure if I should be congratulating him or offering him condolences since she's apparently going to Canada this weekend to undoubtedly hook up with some Canadian she met way back in like September. WTFeva.

One of the reasons for this lack of drama is some shit that I discovered Wednesday that was going on. That in itself has created its own drama, because I was supposed to go hang out with The Steff Wednesday night but I ducked out of it. I ducked out of hanging out with her last night too, which brought on the, "Dontcha miss me?" and "Do you still love me?" questions. Even though I tried to reassure her that yes I missed her and yes I still love her, I just had some stuff going on, well she can put the most cynical and depressed bitch to shame and I doubt she believes me. The holidays are usually when her alter ego, Miss Miserable, comes out in her... and usually we commiserate together enough to make each other genuinely smile. Hopefully my issues will be settled by tomorrow and we can hang out.

On a completely separate note I need to bestow some advice on all the married men in the world and will probably piss off some of my female readers. There's this thing that the credit card companies will do when your wife max's out a credit card. If she does it while you are married, then they will hold you responsible for it in the vast majority of states. If she does it while you are married, and then you get divorced, they will STILL hold YOU responsible for it and they WILL collect their money unless it is specified in the divorce paperwork the amount of debt, the company, and who is responsible for payment and then ordered so by a judge. So what you really need to do when getting divorced is have your soon to be ex-wife's credit run, and get all that shit listed as being paid by her. This means they will eventually seize control of your bank accounts until you pay them if you don't make those certain stipulations clear. Oh, and their timing is usually the absolute worst it could be.

I'm going back to my pillow to drool some more.
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