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Thursday, December 14, 2006

FOAD Thursday... No Experimentation Whatsoever

Today my dear friends is Fuck Off And Die Thursday. Today I tell all the people/things that have pissed me off this past week to FOAD... so let's get this started...

First I need to send an FOAD out to the NY Daily News. It seems that the Daily News reported that over 70% of subway car graffiti is created by foreigners. Really? So just wtf are you saying? Are you saying that there are no more American graffiti artists? Well how about I think that 70% of the Daily News is written by yuppie cocksucking scum who grew up in the fucking suburbs! Here's a clue... those foreigners come here to LEARN how to tag and write up you putzes! The reason you would THINK they are responsible for it is because they're the ones who always get BUSTED... but that isn't actually true as Metro points out! So for false reporting and atrocities against NYC Artists... FOAD NY Daily News.

My next FOAD goes to corporate monster Taco Bell. After finding out that a number of restaurants were serving E Coli contaminated food... in the interest of the almighty American Dollar... you fuckers kept them open. I love Taco Bell. In fact I used to love it so much I used to eat at one every shift. Never. Ever. Again. You are just another group of corporate mongers who need to be anally raped by a bulldozer case of diarrhea. FOAD Taco Bell.

The idiot who called 9-1-1 the other night because he had A cockroach in his apartment should FOAD. Now, he does have an excuse... he's from Minnesota and just moved here for a new job he starts in January. I hate to say it... but he freaked over a BABY Roach. I shoulda dragged him up to the Bronx where some roaches take on Pit Bulls for fun. So FOAD mid-western moron.

Finally I need to share some Peace and Love. I received a comment on this blog that said this:
I'm sorry to bother your site. I am doing a blog experiment and would like to know if you would like to exchange links. Thanks.

Brandon J
You have got to be kidding me. So your doing a "blog experiment" and want to exchange links, huh? Anybody wondering what this experiment could be? Well of course he outlines it in a blog all unto itself called... ready... wait for it... blogexperiment.blogspot.com. He has another blog of course... filled with ads and shit. On a positive note he apparently is in the military. On a negative note he definately is a FUCKING MORON. See... here's my problem... he just cruised around dropping this same comment on every blog he passed. He never really looked at the blog, he never really read the post, and he obviously has no idea who the fuck he's dealing with. How do I know this you ask? Because he left the exact same comment on my photoblog word for mother fucking pasted word.

But ya know what? I'm all about experimentation. I'll experiment with hot sauce on pizza, peanut butter and mayonnaise, and anything + chocolate. I'll experiment with brunettes, redheads, and his wife in all positions in the Kama Sutra. I'll experiment with roasting marshmallows over open wood flame, charcoal, or butane lighter. See... I'm all about experimentation... so I will give this SPAMMER asshat his link along with some Peace and Love right here.

Here's a clue you mindless twit... we hate you and people like you. These personal blogs about ourselves are not for experiments or mindless twit ideas. We put ourselves out there to meet like minded people who we find interesting and can relate to. We do it because we have something to say. Go find yourself a fucking rat with some cheese and take your "experiments" elsewhere.

Maybe had he done it in a less spamful way... I would have advised him that belonging to sites like BlogMad and Blog Explosion disqualify him from AdSense Ad payments. Now where did I stick that AdSense reporting e-mail address....


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