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“In each of us two natures are at war… the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, but one of them must conquer. In our own hands lies the power to choose. What we want most to be we are.” – Dr. Henry Jekyll

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Good Vs. Evil... And Stuff Inbetween

So I need to be honest... I still am in that FOAD state of mind. In fact, I'm brushing off redoing The Steff's resume until I calm down a bit because I'd end up writing something like, "And if you want references, suck my dick." While it in fact may be pretty hilarious to see the look on her perspective employers face... nevermind the fact that she doesn't actually have a dick... I don't think that'll get her the job. So instead here I am... still in that FOAD state of mind.

So I figured while in this state of mind I would mention a new project I have that is currently developing. Some of you may remember my years of youth with Black Hearts Inc. that I mentioned in this post. So it has always been one of my contentions that team blogs like IT2M and the former BR4W... aside from being able to use a number in their abbreviated names... often provide readers with a better experience due to diversity. In fact, it became a focal point for an hour in a 4 hour conversation with someone I met on the 'Net.

Now the person I am speaking of I really can't mention by name because... well... he isn't sure what he's going to call himself yet. So for now let's call him Mr. Z. So I actually met Mr. Z back in 2004 when I was first getting back online in a forum I used to frequent. Mr. Z and I have certain things in common about our personal lives and for the last 2+ years have spoken about a number of different subjects aside from our commonalities.

So one of the conversations was about diversity in dating. He contended that he could only date one girl at a time, having nothing to do with looks, but with just the fact that he couldn't see himself being able to enjoy the experience of many women. I on the other hand disagreed, and said that diversity makes everything better. So one of the examples I used was a Team Blog. Needless to say it turned into an hour long discussion about why Team Blogs are better than single person blogs especially since at one point he also had a blog but had fallen into despair because he felt he was talking to himself.

So last month Mr. Z brought up the whole team blog thing again and we started talking about how, what, where, we could do it and what it would be. After a few weeks of kicking around ideas we decided to indeed launch a site called... Black Hearts Inc. Now while he's the one to explain what the site is about... well I'll tell you the way I view it.

It's evil.

Pure unadulterated evil.

Yeah, that's it. Now don't go getting all bent out of shape... I'm not sacrificing virgins or having inter-species relations (I'm saving all that for somewhere else)... but it's basically where we choose to be evil. You're probably asking yourself, "Choose? Huh?" If you are... then obviously you don't read blog taglines because mine has been the same since day one.

So since virgins and animal sex have been knocked off the list, you're probably wondering what kind of evil will be there. Well... I know I'll be doing some videos, probably some stories about the things that have burnt me, probably some poems (stop snickering fuckface), and hopefully some cool pics. I don't know what Mr. Z plans... well... okay... I do to a degree. Anything else, I have no idea simply because, well, we don't know who else is going to want to join it. That's actually what we came to the conclusion of this morning at 5am, that we will would allow other people to contribute as well. So instead of trying to develop a Team Blog, somehow its becoming a Community Blog.

I honestly don't know how well it'll work... but its something I'm working on. Originally we had thought we might be ready to launch on January 1... but in reality we set the new date for January 14 with a decisive reason in mind. We'll basically be bashing Single Awareness Day that will be in February so we wanted to start it off with a bang... and what bangs louder or harder than the sound of broken hearts?

Even if it crashes and burns... well I think it'll be interesting to see how it develops. We're experimenting with a few different things to make it unique as compared to everything else out there... and yes... one of those things would be a forum section.

So while I'm developing this project, don't think things are changing here because they really aren't... but I won't be doing ANY linking between the two... because lets face it... Google is not my friend. So if you want to see it... remove the spaces and add a com at the end of Black Hearts Inc.
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