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Friday, December 29, 2006

Drama Friday... Or Things Not To Do In 2007

So today is traditionally Drama Friday... or maybe not.

First and foremost however I would like to alert you to a current attempt to break the Class B NYC Subway Riding Record. Rapid Transit Challenge has an update blog on the attempt by 5 New Yorkers to break the current record of 26 hours, 21 minutes, and 8 seconds. Their attempt differs from the one this past summer in that they will be stopping at each and every station instead of just riding through it. I have to give these guys props on the attempt... simply because riding the subway can be a hellish experience on just a regular daily commute as SubwayBlogger shows time and time again. Best of luck to them!


So here is a list I did of Things Not To Do In 2006. I didn't do TOO bad with the list. I didn't crash an ambulance this year (yet) and I didn't quit my job... so I figured I would do the same thing for 2007 since I seem to do better with the list of things NOT to do as opposed to the lists of things TO do...

10) I will NOT allow my EMT card to laps- Meaning I need to sign up for a January refresher after I blew off the November one

9) I will NOT crash an ambulance- Maybe we can make it two years in a row! Woo-hoo!

8) I will NOT drink Jack and Coke in copious amounts

7) I will NOT have as great expectations when Hurricane Season rolls around, lest I be disappointed as I was this year

6) I will NOT allow myself to fall into a depressive state so as to require medication or therapy

5) I will NOT spend money I do not have anymore

4) I will NOT bring violence home with me- I only broke two lamps this year (and they were pretty shitty lamps at that)... so I'm definately getting better

3) I will NOT concern myself with things beyond my control

2) I will NOT torture myself about things done/not done in the past, but rather work towards a better future

1) I will NOT be posting about anymore drama... at least until I can do it right

Yeah... you read number 1 right. No more drama. I know this endangers my self-crowned title of the King of all Drama... but to be honest I have some good reasons behind this. Besides the fact that most people don't know the difference between The Steff and The Nick, Pudding and Christine, or Mel and the Ooompa Loompas... well I just think that it is probably better served being read by those I know to be reading it.

See... the fight Christine and I had before Christmas was about a few things I had written here over this past year. Surprisingly, or not, it wasn't anything written about her that was troublesome. Now you're probably wondering why she should care what I write about other people... but the truth is she is a very good friend... and being such a good friend she accused me of something that I vehemently deny. In fact, I still deny it to this very moment... even though I know deep down... she is right.

To try and resolve these issues I have, normally, I would blog about them. However, in light of her astute awareness of the truth behind my denials that was garnered from this very place, I really can't do it here. Not for fear of her... but if I am as transparent in it as she has made me feel... well out here in the open is not the right place to be transparent. This place is searchable to anyone who has a clue on how to find things... and while I like to think that those who will see through the denials aren't as 'Net savvy as I am... I'm sure that to a certain degree they're better than I give them credit for.

So there will not be anymore drama here... but you should know that the drama will be alive and well. In fact it has found a nice home in a journal I keep at the side of my bed. Perhaps one day my demons will be exorcised of it, or perhaps I will shirk the mantle of embarrassment from it, or even better... maybe I'll be able to make private posts where only a select few will be able to read it. Until then... the real life drama as it unfolds will not be seen here anymore.

Let the celebration begin.
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