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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Loves Of 2006

Love. For the most part in 2006 the sensation eluded me. It isn't that I don't love... or that I'm not loved back in varying degrees. Its more of a lack of a cuddle buddy that I have been severely lacking. I know, there's nothing like a good bed post thumping fuck... but afterwards... well its nice to be able to hold onto someone or be held by someone as a reminder that no matter what lurks in the shadows, they will be there to hold the flashlight. Go on, say it, I'm such a bitch. It's okay. I'm used to it.

I did have a relationship somewhat going with Izzy at the outset of the year. As with pretty much all matters that touch my heart, it crashed and burned in grand fashion. Surprisingly, considering my history, I walked away pretty much unscathed from it. Probably because of the lack of cuddling that brought the demise on in the first place or perhaps a level of emotional detachment where attachment had been made impossible.

Most people, when denied the touch and affections we all genetically crave in one form or another, tend to become angry and disgruntled people. I should know... I technically am one. Surprisingly though, looking back on this past year, I seem to have mellowed. Yeah... its true. There really is no explanation for this. In fact it all should be just the opposite. I should be polarized and ostensibly kept at arms length. I should be, in the immortal words of X, a grumpy tubby bitch.

There is only one possible reason why I am not ready to eat small animals and children for breakfast... and that would be Blog Love. Am I sounding corny yet? STFU. So anyway, let's face it, the interaction out here does more than stimulate intellectual thought and conversation. I also think it can simulate something like a cuddle... especially when you can relate to someone through their blog, and they yours.

So for the final Top Ten list of 2006... I give you my blog loves of the year...

10) Lisa always has these unique posts that you have to re-read. You're not re-reading them because they make no sense... you're re-reading them because everytime you do, there is another hidden truth revealed about the nature of being one of us... you know... humans.

9) Unlike most of the strange men who love her, I love Dawn not for her hawt body or ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol with little to no loss of equilibrium. I have to love her for her creativity and outlook on things that go on around her... because it makes me laugh my ass off at the stupidity she puts up with everyday. The fact she hasn't gone postal just proves there are angels on earth.

8) Yes, Virginia, I love you too. Even though I can't comment on your blog and it irregularly pukes all over my bloglines... well that's okay because I love you. Your strong sense of conviction to your beliefs, no matter how unpopular they are, endears me that way. I also have to love your photos, because people who can see with more than what their eyes see are few and far between and that is a gift you definitely possess.

7) Throughout my business I rarely work alone. I can only say that some of my FOAD success has to go to Jane, my partner in FOADing everyone who pisses in our cornflakes. It takes a certain person to be able to roll with me that way, and not everyone can stomach it... but she takes it all in with stride. Oh, and the weeks I'm not feeling it, well she blasts them better than I do so there is never a shortage of FOADing. Did I mention she is sweeter than a cherry pie? No? Well she is... and no... you can't have none.

6) Because I'm freaky, Mistress Yoda is a must. Excitement, adventure, she seeks not these things. Yet they find her anyway. She imparts the wisdom of the ages, provides thought provoking ideas, and best of all is she's a criminal at heart. She also has that gift for seeing more than her eyes show her... and inspires me to become better with that clinky little thing I call a camera.

5) I love toughies, and Denise is as tough as they come. She's not afraid to bitch slap me when I need it... and even though I could duck it by the time it reaches me because her DSL acts like dial-up, I kinda like it when she does. She's hardcore to the bone but... like the cherry ontop... she has a soft side. She has such a big heart... and no matter how many times it gets ripped out and trounced on... she keeps loving. That's resiliency if ever there was any... and I love that because it makes me want to be the same way.

4) While I'm a sucker for a redhead I'm a bigger sucker for people who create beauty out of nothing. That's why an artisan like Red Betty has me swooning. What converts the *SWOON* into a *PINK PUFFY HEART* is the fact that she is not only refreshingly honest about herself... but whether anyone realizes it or not we're very much alike in music taste, food taste, and situational living complexities. I have nothing but love for her and all that she does.

3) I've always had a thing for salt of the earth type people and southerners with their big poofy dresses... so I guess when you put a redneck in southern California... you get my ideal woman in Kentucky Gurl. Besides being a mutt of the most down to earth and sexy regions of the United States, she has the quirkiness that can usually only be found in SoHo. If it wasn't for the ice chewing, I could totally curl up on her feet and live a content life. So yeah... I have a Tedipuss complex.

2) One of my most endearing and long blog loves has been Monique. I've been reading her since before pretty much everyone else. She's endearing and cute and totally the girl you bring home to mom... and she's brimming with a passion that if you don't look close enough you'll surely miss.

1) If you haven't guessed it by now... you are a stupid asshat. My number one blog love would be Miss Ann Thrope. Snark? Check. Wit? Check. Common sense? Check. A moral fiber for honesty (brutally when necessary) running from her very core to her dainty lady like typing fingers? Check. She has it all both in the blogosphere and outside of it. I more than pink puffy heart this woman... it's more like red throbbing heart her. It's true... she rawks my blogosphere. If for some reason you're shocked or something... well you've obviously not seen my official APODB Orange Afghan... which I can cuddle with all night long.

Oh... and before anyone goes running to T and says, "Oh look, Dog no love you no more!"... well of course I love her... but... well... she stopped blogging.
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