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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Smorgashboard Sunday Edition 8

Today is not only the last Smorgashboard of 2006... but it is the last DAY of 2006. Tonight 3.5 tons of confetti will be falling all over the Crossroads of the World. Oh where has this year gone? An even better question is where have the bloggers gone? This week was really pretty quiet in my sphere. Yet I did find a few gems from the hardcore bloggers out there...
  • Dave found the trailer for Fantastic Four 2 that is due out this summer. He even has some stills and one of his trademark cool Lil' Dave Toons getting all Herald of Galactus on us
  • That hawtty Red Betty showed off her too cool Hello Kitty Coffee Maker. She even made some goals inspired by my own... personally I'm all about #5... 'cause she rawks me that way
  • The lists continued with Miss Ann's instructional on the top 10 things that piss her off about bloggers... unfortunately anyhoo is no longer on the list... but she still rawks my world
  • Robin *COUGH* sorry... Mistress Yoda had a year in review. Personally I'm all about her contemplation on being *COUGH* I mean contemplation about the word SLUT
  • It's because of posts like this that makes me thankful for KG... validity that I am not the only person who has a shitload of nothing even if she is an ice chewing freak
  • Frankie is in the middle of crash-coursing all her skills just so she can stick people with needles and put garden hose segments down their throat... also known as getting an EMT-I certification. Thank god I gave mine up three years ago... I'd have to do all that crap again too in 3 months
  • Phil thinks he lost his blogjo... someone should e-mail him that it's from a lack of a comments section that his blogjo has fled 'cause I am way too fucking lazy to do so
  • SubwayBlogger highlighted the establishment of a new Subway Riding Record... if you've never ridden the NYC Subway then you can't fathom the accomplishment in riding it all in 24 hours, 54 minutes and 3 seconds on one single fare
  • The New Year will also see the very first "dance off" between bloggers. Somehow CP got Avi and Mr. Fab to agree to a video dance off to see... of all things... who would really give her the best blowjob. Don't ask... just read. Personally I think Avi has the advantage here... but Fab may pull it out. It will probably take a serious Silence of the Lambs version to be the winner. You can't make this stuff up folks. Really
So those were pretty much the highlights of this last week of 2006 in my blogosphere.

There's also some good news and bad news... bad news is I'm working a little over a triple today. The good news is for 16 of those hours I'll be surfing around somewhat... so this probably isn't the last you've heard of me for today. I know... more bad news... oh well.


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