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Monday, January 01, 2007

State of the APODB

My Fellow Bloggers and Readers,

As you gather here, without a doubt, I am somewhere else. Whether it be dredging the gutters for the drunks, looking down at a photo through tear stained eyes, or sleeping under the delusions of exhaustion, the fact is I am somewhere while you are here. Do not despair, for I will be returning shortly, at the very latest in time for the First Cereal Wednesday of 2007.

As we look forward to a new year we are entering it not just as Bloggers and Blog Readers. We are entering it as Time's People Of The Year. On the auspicious tailcoats of this honor it is up to us to prove that we will live up to such an honor. We here at the APODB will be doing our patriotic blogging part.

So for the year 2007, in an effort to prove the importance of the web revolution, I present you with the Official APODB Agenda:
  • Sundays- Smorgashboard Sunday: The Official Recap of Personal Blogs in my Bloglines
  • Mondays- Ooogle Monday : The best T&A this side of BlogExplosion
  • Tuesdays- OPEN: This will be an OPEN day where any OPEN topic may be covered
  • Wednesdays- Cereal Wednesday: Covering cereal for all breakfast eaters and treasure seekers
  • Thursdays- FOAD Thursday: It'll be Fuck Off And Die time every Thursday for all those who mistakenly pissed in my corn flakes thinking I'm a nice guy... heh... fools
  • Fridays- OPEN: This will be an OPEN day where any OPEN topic may be covered
  • Saturdays- OPEN: This will be an OPEN day where any OPEN topic may be covered
As you can see, the Agenda while full is also flexible. Some of you may be wondering what kernels of wisdom you will be able to discern from on those days. Here is just a small inkling of some items you will see appearing during the year:
  • The Official APODB Orange Afghan On ___________
  • The Search For Jimmy Hoffa
  • Readings from the Book of Aces and Eights
  • Amateurs Do It Better
  • The Adventures Of LDITRH At _________________
  • Watchdog Crushes On _______________
As you can see, we here at the APODB are taking this year in the spotlight very seriously. As you can tell from the choice of topics, it will be a very light-hearted year indeed. Of course, these are not the only matters we generally talk about here. There is indeed moodiness involved here, similar to the economy with its ups and lows. Will this be a roller coaster of a time? While stability is something most world leaders seek... I prefer Mr. Toad's Wild Ride to Its A Small World... so the agenda is always subject to change.

Additionally there will be some news announced sometime this week or next. While it is my intention that it will not affect things here at APODB... only time will tell just how consuming it actually will be.

When all is said and done... I say one thing to all of you my fellow blogizens to carry with you into this new year... blog it all, and let Technorati sort it out.

A Healthy and Happy 2007 to all of you.

And all that cal my little droogies, all that cal.
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