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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

FOAD Thursday... The First Dose Of Peace And Love For 2007

Today is the first Thursday of the new year. So with that comes the first FOAD Thursday of '07!!! Let's start dishing it out then, shall we???

If you didn't answer, "Yes we muthafuckin' shall!!!!", then FOAD. We're rollin' hardcore up in here today and if you don't like that I got two words for ya... SUCK IT!!!

Let's start the New Year right with a big FOAD to Dunkin' Donuts. Now one of the things I got this past Christmas was a gift card for my beloved large French Vanilla ice coffee, light with cream, and four Splendas. Now even though the store sold the cards during the holiday season... they apparently do no accept them. To do so requires a credit card machine... and this store owner has opted not to invest in one. So to Dunkin' Donuts, for either not making credit card machines and the acceptance of their gift card a requirement for franchisement or for not enforcing such a regulation, well just fuck off and die.

My next FOAD goes to that little bastard who happens to be married to my best friend and decided to give me Oliver Stone's newest release starring Nicholas Cage on DVD. I shall not name said movie and while I know its not the gift but the thought, well that little prick can FOAD.

My next FOAD goes to the videomakers at YouTube who advertise their video as one thing, and in reality it is something totally different. You know the ones... they advertise Britney Spears tonguing down Lindsay Lohan but in reality its a PETA Infomercial. That's false fucking advertising you asshats... so FOAD.

My next FOAD goes to the "new owners" of BlogExplosion. Oh fucking hello? Is anyone home there anymore? I seriously think the site has been abandoned by its owners/admins for that idiotic Lonely Blogger site. Why do I say this? It has been over 3 months since the front page message has changed! The "new owners" have remained in the background, and lord knows whatever happened to the "Lewis & Melissa" show. BE is officially and totally in the shitter people... and its all their fault. So to the super secret "new owners" of BE... FOAD. In fact, FOAD twice for not accepting three of my awesome banners and not wishing us a Happy New Year. Bitches.

Finally... I need to show some Peace and Love. It was inspired by this post and then the ensuing comments just proved that inbreeding in America happens with bipeds too. See, the whole post is basically about how Pit Bulls maul children. Now I will be the first one to say that ANY DOG that mauls a child should be shot between the eyes in Doggy Town Square and their owners should be held responsible because somehow they were neglectful unless the kid basically pounced on the dog in its own house or something... which still begs the question how the kid got into the house but wtfeva.

The post to be honest is not really the part that bothers me so much. Sure, its uneducated. Sure, its assumptive. Sure, its slanted. For all of these things, the most the poster deserves is to be dropped into a pen with 10 half starved Shitzus for half an hour to see exactly why its all those things. However, it was really the commenters that annoyed the piss out of me. Okay, really it was the ASS KISSING (I would say COCK SUCKING, but unless she's gonna grow a penis like CP dreams of then that's not entirely possibe) of the commenters. In fact, they kissed SO much ASS that after my love Virginia posted an entry contrary to her post... this fuckface asshat went over to her blog and left a little bit of a nastyass comment saying her "...attitude is for shit..."

Oh. Hell. Fucking. No.

You want a shitty attitude? You want a shitty attitude shoved down your gullet? I'LL GIVE YA A SHITTY ATTITUDE YOU COCKROACH EATING MAGGOT PUSSWAD! Here's a newsflash: There are fifty-two (52... in case you can't read numbers you inbred) different breeds that can be attributed to dog attack fatalities worldwide. I STRESS worldwide because the attack highlighted in the original post, whether the poster was smart enough to figure it out or not, happened in merry old England. Drug dealers and dog fighters breed aggression into Pit Bulls, the same way the Germans did into German Shepards and Dobermans. Akitas and Rottweillers are the new drug dealer dog of choice, and in roughly 10 years time there will be more breed specific legislation about them just like today its about Pit Bulls and German Shepards for most of the 20th Century. Fuck, the continent of Australia banned Shepards from their land mass! Does this mean they are not good dogs?

Go tell the blind people who have Shepards as seeing eye dogs that they aren't good dogs and need to be banned. Go tell the Search and Rescue Teams that use Shepards that they suck and need to be banned. Go tell the K-9 police units that Shepards are overly aggressive dogs and need to be banned. They'll laugh at you as I laugh at you now. Why?

Simple really... a dog is as good as its owner and its bloodline. During my mission through Saint Bernard Parish over a year ago, we were literally surrounded by a pack of dogs that had been abandoned by their owners. Rabid little animals, they were all sorts of dog including Labs, Shitzus, Terriers, one obnoxious Chihuahua and yes, a few Beagles. There must have been twenty (20) of them ready to maul us alive after spending 3+ weeks without food or water fed to them by their owners... and what was our saving grace? Two American Pit Bull Terriers who's part of the mission for us was protection. The owners were deputies in a neighboring parish that used them for just this reason. So yes, asshat, they do have other uses and if you were in our situation you would have been plenty happy to have them.

Are there bad dogs out there? Sure. They become that because of a variety of factors, such as their owners and how they are bred. You are a prime example of inbreeding gone bad, so why do you think it would be any different for any other species on the planet? Oh... shit... 'cause your inbred.

So to the Inbred Looney... I give you Peace and Love...

...Oh and please Looney... come and play... I'll be ya huckleberry...


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