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“In each of us two natures are at war… the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, but one of them must conquer. In our own hands lies the power to choose. What we want most to be we are.” – Dr. Henry Jekyll

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Purple Pill

I would normally say I was surfing when I read this... because normally it would be true... but that isn't the case. I read this posting entitled The Purple Pill in a blog called Pixie Dust. So how did I come across it???

Well, Nikki from Match sent me the link. After becoming enraged at my blog... hell she got her own!!! She was also kind enough to advise me I might be mentioned... and although I was not mentioned by name... or the pet name she calls me by (The Asshole for those of you who forgot)... well, I'm sure we can see where she received some inspiration on it.

To be honest... I really really really really really enjoy her writing... hence why if you look to the left, you will now see she has taken a spot under the Daily Reads. She's only the third blog to do so... because I am VERY finicky on my Daily Reads... and well... like I said, I really like her writing.

To those of you who are curious if I e-mailed her back... yes. However, I will not be posting that e-mail... I will leave you with the knowledge it was done... and no matter how I tried not to sound like a sniveling apologetic scumbag... I still think I did.

Score: Nikki- 1 Dog- 0
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