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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pudding Online

Well it was bound to happen. My loving ex-wife, Pudding, is now on the Internet. She has AIM… and seeing as how she basically spends all day at home babysitting her friend’s daughter while the wolves go to school, she now catches me online. Here’s a snippet of conversation we had this morning… and it is rather topical to Blogs:

Nycwatchdog74: No. I don't fall for the "I'm dumber than I really am act." anymore... you know your smart... I know your smart... so stop trying to play me Einstein
Nycwatchdog74: where's your blog
Pudding: Quit it when i find it ill send it to u
Nycwatchdog74: did you post to it?
Pudding: see hold on i have to find it and see if i can post it give me a sec
Nycwatchdog74: That's like 10 minutes
Nycwatchdog74: Do you write bad stuff about me?
Pudding: no i wrote small im knew to all this
Nycwatchdog74: ok
Pudding: mm i found it how do u read it
Nycwatchdog74: just wondering
Nycwatchdog74: go to AOL Journals
Nycwatchdog74: And look under your screenname
Pudding: not me silly u
Nycwatchdog74: you need to give me the link
Pudding: what link to what
Nycwatchdog74: the BLOG
Pudding: mmm id dont know how
Nycwatchdog74: copy the URL and send it over
Nycwatchdog74: don't sweat it
Pudding: whats a url ?
Nycwatchdog74: I just wanted to know if you were writing bad stuff about me
Nycwatchdog74: A URL is the web address- i.e. http://www.970inya.com
Pudding: if u go to journals u can just put in my name
Nycwatchdog74: ok
Pudding: its Pudding
Nycwatchdog74: I know that silly
Pudding: so y asking
Nycwatchdog74: because I'd rather hear if your saying bad shit about me... from you
Nycwatchdog74: rather than read it
Nycwatchdog74: but if you decide to say bad shit
Nycwatchdog74: then I want to read what it says
Pudding: do u have one sicko
Nycwatchdog74: mmmmm
Nycwatchdog74: yes
Pudding: did u read it
Nycwatchdog74: no
Pudding: well y not dopey
Pudding: whats yours
Nycwatchdog74: because you said you didn't say anything bad about me
Nycwatchdog74: mine's a secret
Pudding: ur dead
Nycwatchdog74: lol
Nycwatchdog74: why am I dead???
Pudding: u better cough it up mister
Nycwatchdog74: stop
Pudding: i have the last Puppy (referring to our son, DJ)
Nycwatchdog74: OMG
Nycwatchdog74: you wouldn't
Pudding: im waiting
Pudding: yeagh i have no scruples
Nycwatchdog74: I'm noticing
Nycwatchdog74: I'm also noticing
Pudding: im not ashamed
Nycwatchdog74: that your blog is kinda empty
Nycwatchdog74: and therefore
Nycwatchdog74: I feel jipped
Pudding: ok im knew
Nycwatchdog74: ok
Pudding: jerk
Nycwatchdog74: come back to me in a month's time
Nycwatchdog74: and we'll swap
Pudding: u got balls
Nycwatchdog74: yes
Nycwatchdog74: 2 in fact
Nycwatchdog74: contrary to popular belief
Pudding: i m not speaking to u

Right… I think I’ll stop myself before I have a repeat of the OTHER person I told about this blog. Not that it matters to me… but as she points out she does have my son in her possession… so I’d rather not take any chances.

The relationship I have with her I think is a relatively good one all things considered. There is still some pain over how our relationship ended… and we still get into arguments… but overall I don’t see it as a nasty one. There are kids involved… we have a son together and she has four other kids from a previous marriage… and together I call them my Wolves. I prefer having an amicable relationship with her as opposed to quarreling and intentionally being hurtful.

Of course… if she’s gonna say bad stuff about me that’s true, well that’s okay. I know I’m not perfect and I know that the relationship failure was on both ends… I don’t just blame her for it… I know I played (or more accurately failed to play) a role in it. However, if she’s gonna start talking some of her smack about stuff I didn’t do wrong… I’m gonna open up a can’o’flame on her little ass… hehehehehehehe…

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