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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Snippet of IM

A slice of conversation from tonight:

Nikki: girl stuff
Nycwatchdog74: And what did you say???
Nikki: everything minus the ex wife gift topic
Nikki: lol
Nycwatchdog74: mmm... that's alot of stuff...
Nikki: it was a pretty long conversation
Nikki: i was exhausted
Nycwatchdog74: wow
Nycwatchdog74: but was it GOOD conversation?
Nycwatchdog74: Was it FASCINATING
Nikki: oh no
Nikki: you came out really bad
Nycwatchdog74: TITILLATING
Nycwatchdog74: INTRIGUING
Nikki: and she forbade me to ever speak to you again
Nikki: imagine
Nycwatchdog74: glad to know you lsiten
Nycwatchdog74: listen
Nikki: even without the gift topic
Nikki: lol
Nycwatchdog74: wow...
Nycwatchdog74: so I really came out that bad huh?
Nycwatchdog74: Yeah... I'm a dick
Nikki: i'm joking
Nycwatchdog74: no... it's ok...
Nikki: although she did say that you are probably as asshole in disguise
Nikki: you know with my track record
Nycwatchdog74: Yep... that's me...
Nikki: which led to the whole blue pill theory discussion
Nycwatchdog74: Yoo hoo... asshole here... come IM me...
Nycwatchdog74: oh
Nycwatchdog74: a deep conversation
Nycwatchdog74: but did you explain it right>??
Nycwatchdog74: brb
Nikki: probably not
Nikki: ok
Nycwatchdog74: sorry
Nycwatchdog74: just probably not?
Nikki: it was a complicated theory
Nycwatchdog74: it really isn't...
Nycwatchdog74: I'm sure you were close though
Nikki: some translation may have been lost
Nikki: but she got the just of it
Nycwatchdog74: as long as you get the colors right...
Nycwatchdog74: blue=tanquility
Nikki: very funny
Nycwatchdog74: red= Danger Will Robinson Danger
Nycwatchdog74: that's me
Nycwatchdog74: a funny asshole

So... does it look like I've written her off??? Yeah... maybe not so fast... we'll see...
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