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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Security Cameras

Ever wonder what you look like on the security cameras? Well here's a good picture of me... or as good a picture of me on the security camera at work. I'm the one in the red circle. I think the picture came out pretty good... all things considering. I mean, we're not talking about the greatest photo here... one I took earlier today while just screwing around with the software trying to figure out which camera the guy who delivers breakfast walks by.

Why my sudden interest in security cameras? Well it turns out there's also one in the hallway of Christine's apartment building. Yep... I was caught on film... and so was he. While the first blow occurred out of sight, after you see me crashing into the wall... when he jumps ontop of my slumped down frame its pretty obvious who the aggressor was.

So she called me tonight... to apologize. Of course... its a bittersweet apology because she feels that until he and I can be civil to each other... well she doesn't want to talk to me. After all... HE is her husband. So she chucks over 14 years of friendship... and at least 13 years and 9 months of me loving her to death... out the window.

So... I just want to say thanks Christine... I appreciate the apology... I appreciate your honesty about the whole situation... and I appreciate the fact that you did thank me for putting together the kitchen. However... I will not be thanking you for defending him and his behavior... I will not be thanking you for blue pilling your way through life... and I certainly will not be thanking you for BREAKING MY HEART YET AGAIN!!!

2006 needs to be a helluva lot better... and soon!!!

Special thanks to HAT3 at PYMMOTI for inspiring me with the red marker.
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