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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Nick, Isabelle, and Cravings

So, The Nick has moved into her new house... officially. Is she happy? Well, not really. See... she now has less closet space, less room in her room, and his paying twice as much as she was in her previous place. The difference... well... this place she OWNS. Right... it's a big thing to go from renting to owning. The American Dream and all that. So last night's big issue was her television. She has a 36 incher that she can't lift onto her new television stand. So, tonight when she comes into work she has this look... and if looks could kill... well, I'd be 24 feet under by now pushing up palm trees.

So I tried talking to her. She's all moody. Then... she slams me over a work IM. I was taken aback at first... only to discover through a few more... that she had expected me to go over her house last night and hoist it onto the stand. Did I miss something??? Then she starts complaining about how she's single... and how I love midgets... and how I never make the time for her. At this point, I slammed the emergency brakes on... why? Because she has ditched hanging out with me at least 7 times. She claims to be jealous when other women talk to me but she has always talked to all these guy friends on the phone when we do hang out. She always asks me to hang out when she knows I have plans either with my son or someone else. WTF? So... guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Right... sending my brother to go lift the tv into place... maybe he'll have better luck than me.

So I met this new girl online the other day. Her name is Isabelle... she seems really sweet and smart. She also likes to write (it's like my new thing... gotta find fellow writers) and has an interesting perspective on things. I've really only talked to her twice... but I find her on my mind alot. She's somewhat in the New York area... so maybe one day we'll get a drink, swap some stories, and then fall madly in love with each other and move to Guam.

I have recently had incredible cravings for chocolate. So... lucky me the other night, I go out to dinner with The Steff, Mel, and Mel's daughter... who at the wise age of 7 has brought a case of the World's Finest Chocolates with her. So after spending fourteen dollars of hard cash for every available almond bar... and only eating one... I can't find them. I have looked high... and low... and not a sign.

So now I have placed a five dollar bounty on the capture of the candy bar culprit. It ain't right... it just ain't right.
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