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Thursday, January 11, 2007

FOAD Thursday... Peace And Love For Everyone

Hey... wanna know a secret? Well, okay, it really isn't a secret... but did you know that today is Thursday? Yeah... believe it or not it is! Do you know what that means here? No silly... no list of 13 different reasons why I hate Thursday Thirteen... it's FOAD Thursday!!! Let's start spraying the venom then shall we?

First I'd like to send a big old FOAD to the Corporate mongers responsible for selling merchandised goods of items with the logos of the services belonging to the City of New York... they are also known as NYC & CO. It's a Bloomberg thing, this whole trend of selling city logos on baseball hats and t-shirts. It seems the most popular item has become a Department of Sanitation hat... that happens to come already pre-chewed like it got run through a hopper. To me, this is worse than the street vendors selling the tacky t-shirts simply because this is a government agency selling this stuff... and they're purposely making it look like it came from a homeless guy. If your going to sell city goods, at least make them neat and cool... and not chewed the fuck up.

My next FOAD goes to people with temporary resident plates. Bitches, you may have just moved here but that doesn't give you the right to drive like an asshole. Red means stop. Green means go. Colorblind freaks. Just FOAD, k?

Finally I'd like to send some Peace and Love to the girl behind the counter at CVS two nights ago. Now I understand the whole thing about having to check ID for smokes and entering it into the register. I can even understand that my 14 year old picture really does not do my beauty much justice... but if you're going to ask me for a second form of ID and I give you my work ID, well that should be enough. But oh no... you wanted more because one photo has me wearing glasses and the other doesn't. Then when I get pissed and whip out my 13 security passes which are the only photo IDs I have left for her to flip through and take her pick she comes out with this smart ass remark of, "What do you think you are? A rockstar?" Perhaps I shouldn't have replied, "No bitch, if I was a rockstar you'd be sucking my dick instead of selling me smokes," but she pissed me off. So then when she gets all upset and calls security, well WTF was this bitch thinking? This is CVS security we're talking about... not an armored car. These guys stop little teenagers from shoplifting lip gloss... they don't stop nicotine fit enraged men. Needless to say they just stood there and didn't come within 25 feet of me. Finally some sort of manager came from the back and told her to just give me my smokes and let me be. Peace and Love you dumb bitch.


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