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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Wolves, The Steff, and Unconditional Things

So the wolf watching went well. Of course, once I arrived I had to throw a box of Ferro Rochere's to them so I could make the dining room. Pudding was her usual self... doing her twenty-seven outfit changes. I was my usual self, telling her how beautiful she looked in twenty-six of them. I'll never tell her that on the first one no matter what it is... simply because I don't care. She should be asking her new beau how she looks and stop asking me... especially since I was getting set for a round of Risk. So there was plenty of Ed'Edd'N'Eddy and Risk and some Chutes and Ladders. The whole pack was asleep by 11:00pm. Of course Pudding doesn't reappear until 2:00am. Only two and a half hours later than she had originally said.

So I figure my night's shot. I'll go home and get some sleep before my 9:00am dentist appointment. On the way though, I send The Steff a text. She did call me when she said she would... which in and of itself is amazing... and I did tell her I would let her know when I was done wolf watching. Sure enough... 15 minutes later my phone rang.

So it turns out that she was home. She had gone out at 11:00 with a few people from my current workplace, her former workplace, but they all had work in the morning so they had abandoned her by 12:30. She asked if I wanted to hang out, so I said sure. I swung by 7-11 and grabbed a dozen Bud Lights and went over to her house.

So at 3:00am there I am in her kitchen, drinking a Bud Light, smoking a stoge, and guess what the topic of conversation is? Yep... my second favorite person in the whole world... Officer Fucking Crumb.

Now keep in mind I have never met this one celled organism she called a boyfriend... not once in the two years we've been friends. Why? Because of a combination of the fact that he's anti-social, I want to do him bodily harm, and she probably never mentioned to him that I was a friend. See, that was his issue... he was controlling and possessive. Meanwhile, she's a social butterfly if there ever was one. So my number in her cell phone got explained away as me being her supervisor.

Yet now here she is telling me about how she can't get her mind off him. Here Steff, have another beer. She's telling me the New Guy just isn't cutting it especially with his new hours. Here, have another beer. She's telling me about how Crumb is sending her random text messages saying how he misses her and blah blah blah. Okay, now I need another beer. She's telling me about all this stuff... and after two hours I did the unthinkable. I cracked. I told her maybe she should call him.

I know I shouldn't have said it, but I did. I did pre-cursor that advice by reminding her that I hate him and want to cause him bodily harm... but in the end that's still what I told her.

Into the third hour I tried to explain to her about The Notebook, which she had watched. To me the real lesson in The Notebook is about unconditional love. Noah loves Ally unconditionally, no matter what she did and no matter what happened to her. In the end, their unconditional love carries over into the next world when they die together (yes, for those of you who don't realize, they die together at the end). Is that the type of love Crumb gives her? Absolutely not... and I think after the next beer she realizes this... I hope.

So at 5:30am the topic finally changes... to Izzy. I tell her about the 190 minutes and she was shocked. She didn't know I could talk so much. There was the standard Q&A that lasted until 6:00am... and then as she began nodding off at the table, I told her goodnight, she told me to call her when I got up, and I left.

I got home, slammed into bed and was up two hours later for the dentist. I spent 45 minutes getting the upper right side of my mouth torn apart. Then, I went home and went back to bed.

So I got up at 3:00pm today (Saturday really). I showered, shaved, and called The Steff. She was hungry, so we went and picked up her friend Maris from work and went to Friday's. Maris, I may have mentioned before or maybe not, also has men issues. So we had dinner, discussing various man issues and moments. Then The Steff let's Maris in on Izzy. The lights in Friday's went out... a spotlight lowered from the ceiling driectly onto me... and Maris' inquisition began. When she was done, the lights came back up, and she neatly put away her torture devices. Talk about intense!

We paid the bill and I dropped the two of them off at The Steff's house... Maris was doing dye jobs tonight before they went out to some club with The Nick... and although I desperately need mine done I moved on. So I came home, and for four hours tried to recreate the other nights writing success.

Well... I did and I didn't. The other night I did something like 5,000 words. Tonight I started, stalled, continued, stalled, and finished at 2,417. Not nearly as well as the other night but at least it wasn't a total brick wall.

At 11:00pm I bounced over to the Wine Bar on Austin Street and met up with my old partner Lainie and her girlfriend. I had a nice bottle of a Blackberry Merlot while we discussed the intricacies and politics of the ever evolving NYC EMS system and the potential for more hurricane deployments. At 2:00am we parted ways... and here I am... sitting at the only computer connected to the 'Net that just happens to operate on Windows 1974.

I'm hoping to go to the movies tomorrow/today. Maybe get a chance to walk around B&N... and maybe just relax. All this drama can be tiring afterall...
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